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V Series Lens Hoods


New Member

I have two bay 60 hoods, one for my 80mm CFE and one for my 150mm CFi, and both are "cut" so--when locked into place--they line up with the "Hasselblad" logo top dead center (tdc). The cuts in the bayonet ring are aligned such that there's one perfectly centered at the position of the "Hasselblad" logo.

I just bought a bay 70 for my 50mm CFi FLE, and its cuts are offset; so, with the "Hasselblad" logo tdc, the square hood is off by about 40 degrees. To "align" the hood, where a flat side is tdc, the "Hasselblad" logo winds up being turned 90 degrees. (Hope all this makes sense!)

Now, I realize none of this has any direct bearing on the viability of the hood to do its job, but I'm wondering if I happened to receive a defective hood or if this is normal.

Can anyone speak to this?

Rob this is a "non-technical" suggestion / answer to your question, which I qualify by saying that I dod not specifically know the technical answer to.

I use B60 hoods on CF lenses only. I have always fitted them by "logic" and feel rather than anything that I have read as the technically perfect procedure (I have not ever read anything about it).

So, what I do is - position the hood off centre to mount to the lens, having no thought as to the location of the Hassy logo. Press the hood inwards and turn until it seems to "click" or "snap" into place (a rather subtle feeling in the hand), again having no idea of where the logo is. I may give it a final "wiggle" so that the hood appears to be correctly aligned, like you say "tdc". Again I most often have no idea where the logo is positioned and I cannot see how it matters. All of this is done in about 2 seconds. They all end up tdc. My main concern at the time is that the hood is secure.

It has always (rightly or wrongly) seemed to me that the only issue about securing these hoods is to do with positioning the bayonet mount correctly rather than positioning the logo. So, it will be interesting to see if anyone thinks the logo position is important.

Finally, that 40 degree issue does seem strange. Logic again would make me think that tdc is preferable so long as the hood seems secure. Since I don't have a hood in front of me I can't say if the fitting on the hood's mount can move at all.

I have never had an issue about the hoods' performance nor a hood falling off.
You mean it's OK to take the picture without the logo on top? (JUST KIDDING!) I know this makes no difference. As I said, my two bay 60 hoods (one for the 80mm and the other for the 150mm) mount the same as each other but very differently than this bay 70 for my 50mm. I understand how the bayonet mount works, but I was simply curious as to whether I had a manufacturing defect in the bay 70. It's consistency I was expecting, little more.

No, I'm actually ok with it--funny man...

Just I said.
Ok Rob. Just hang in there while someone who uses the B70 on a 50mm sees your question. Sorry but I have never used that version lens. All I know is that the B60 on my CF 50mm FLE lens behaves exactly as the other B60 hoods on all CF lenses.
I had a manufacturing defect in the bay 70. It's consistency I was expecting, little more.>

No, I'm actually ok with it--funny man... >


Your description, your concerns and expectations. Non of which are mine!


I had a manufacturing defect in the bay 70. It's consistency I was expecting, little more.>

No, I'm actually ok with it--funny man... >


Your description, your concerns and expectations. None of which are mine!


Not sure I get your post, Gilbert, but I don't recall having said anything about "concern" per se. I'm only trying to understand more about these hoods, since I have only this one to compare with my other two. I figured there'd be a lot of folks on this forum with much more experience with many hoods to know whether or not this is to be expected. This bay 70 hood does appear to mount quite differently than my two bay 60's, and I have no other bay 70 to compare. I'm guessing the larger circumference might be a factor in the apparently different design, but it's only a guess.

I was hoping more for a response like, "Oh, yeah, that's just the way Hasselblad designed the bay 70 hoods, because..."--not, "Why does it matter? It still works, doesn't it?"

I suppose I'm a little more inquisitive than that.

Bayonet 60 is four-pronged. bayonet 70 is three-pronged.

Bayonet 60 thus always mounts "flat side tdc". Should the logo not be on top, just get the hood off, twist it 90 degrees and try again, until it is.

Three-pronged, 120 degree bayonet 70 does not always mount "flat side tdc".
So when the logo happens to be on the 'wrong' side, it will not get to be on top.

That's all there is to it.
The logo off-TDC is no big deal.

I correct it in Photoshop.

(Takes about 2 glasses of Merlot and a minute or two at my Mac !!)

G'day Rob. You're welcome.

Flippancy is my forte! But if I (that's me, moi, ich) ask a question on the Forum, naturally I expect only serious replies.


Cheers, mate.

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