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general thoughts XPan



Mal, Landscape shooters might not be aware of any distortion. Shooting architecture might be more revealing. What are you shooting?
Ferrell, I just place the level on top of the 30mm finder, flat side down, and no problem. It just has to be there until level, then take it away and shoot!
> [Tony, I have used that method but I have to be careful to spin the level so that the flat face on the level is parallel with the film plane, just a little off causes the bubble to break to one side. This is especially exaggerated when shooting upward (more sky) or downward (more land).]
When shooting upwards or downwards I use the in finder level, which is iffy to say the least. I'll make a phone call tomorrow to Joe Johnson at RRS to see if he can incorporate a level into the L-bracket somehow.
Tony that is a great idea to call Joe! There has got to be a better way.
It sounds like something that could put him another let up on Kirk, inasfar as xpan brackets go. He just may go for it.

> [If they don't go for a bracket they might go for an inexpensive molded straight edge on top to align the level with the film plane. Just a thought. Great Forum. I sent info to Marketa Ebert an xpan user.]
Thanks Ferrell. I think the site is off to a good start. The more people who know about it will help. Hey, Tony there was a guy at a workshop with an XPAN in the GAP. Can you let him know. I'll call Joe today as well and maybe with a couple of calls he may sense the need better.
Tony, do you have openings left for the upcoming XPAN workshop in the Smokey Mountains? If so you may want to post in the "happenings" area!
Hey XPAN users be sure to look in the current April 2003 Shutterbug Magazine for Tony Sweet's review of the XPAN. A very good article!
XPAN users should be aware of the excellent "L" bracket available for the cameara from Really Right Stuff. You can find it at Joe is a very easy guy to do business with! RRS now takes credit cards and will soon have a secure online ability!
Malcom, I understand you received some info back from Hasselblad after submitting an email to thier site. I'd be interested in that info. Would you mind sharing with the forum? Maybe you could cut and paste the responses from Hassy.

Thanks, John
"Hey XPAN users be sure to look in the current April 2003 Shutterbug Magazine for Tony Sweet's review of the XPAN. A very good article!"

Would there be a way to post it here or parts of it without any violation of copyrights?

The article is Shutterbug property and I know that they won't allow the article to be placed on the web without their express permission. The April issue should be available for another couple of weeks.
... yes, but unfortunately in Europe and Asia almost impossible to find...

Is there a way to have a short internet description in different wordings. This would be then a "new" article

Or is there any possibility to read it online at shutterbug?


It's sort of difficult to scale down a 6 page article to a short internet description. If you have any specific questions, I'm sure that they can be addressed here.

I spoke to Joe at RRS today. He has signed up for this forum and will give thought to a "fix" for the 30mm Level issue.
XPAN shooters: Do you ever switch to 35mm format? I don't but, I have on occassion shot in pan format then taken advantage of the broader format to find the perfect crop on the light table. I just load the trimmed film into a Gepe slide mount. This gives me more control of the composition (left to right) and superb sharpness over my 35mm lense outfit. Also, befoe I pitch xpan images I always go through them seeing if a 35mm conversion will work. Please share some of your techniques.
I have Ferrell but have found the same thing you have. Other than to save film it really does not get you anything to switch to the 35mm setting. I'm guessing the 35mm setting would be used more if the XPAN was the only camera that you were toting.