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MF 2009 Calendar Project

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Jürgen is trying to post some information about this idea but did not succeed to post here.
Lets see if there is a problem.

Works for me.


OK. The creation of my thread has failed .
Therefore I will just post here and hopefully get all words together again , which i wanted to post yesterday .

In the thread : CFV DIGITAL BACK USER USER REPORT + . . . CONTINUED the idea was born to create a calendar with images from users of this forum . And as this idea came up , after some users posted such wonderful broken down house images , I thought this could be a good topic for a calendar .

Here is an image , which shows my first design of the title page .


The title could very well be COSY HOMES or HOME SWEET HOME or BROKEN DOWN HOUSES or ? ? ? titles are welcome .

My first idea was to have 13 pages , tilte page + 12 month-pages .
But now , I would prefer 14 images , title , 12 month images + trailer page .
14 images , for my idea that means , 14 images from 14 different photographers of this forum .

All images should have been taken with HASSELBLAD cameras in COLOR or B/W and should have square format .

We have already seen very good images from :

Eduardo Cervantes July 22 2007
Emmanuel Schnetzler July 18 2007
Colin Clarke July 18 2007
Marc A. Williams July 18 2007
Jürgen Loob June 18 2007
Wilko Bulte Sept 17 2007
Andreas Sturm Oct 13 2007
Simon Galbally will participate with a very good image , I am shure .

That makes up 8 photographers and I want all of them to be in the boat , but others as well . That means , at least 6 are missing . ! ! !

Now , here are my first thoughts of a possible realization .

I am ready to try this project . But without the help of the participants , it will not work .
Not all datails can be spred out in this first posting , and some ideas still have to be developed and discussed . I know that very well .

I am ready to print and bind 14 calendars (14 participants) on EPSON ARCHIVAL MATTE without any charge for the receiver of the calendar (except postage) .
Look at the image above , and you will see , how I can do it .

If there are more participants , we will have to find an other way .
Also , I know , there are other ways of distribution , which we can discuss here .

A professional printing and binding requires a minimum number of calendars of at least 250-300 and then the paper is not as good as ARCHIVAL MATTE .

I am looking forward to get more photographers into the boat .

Regards Jürgen
Just my two cents... My sensibilities lean much more heavily toward uplifting, inspirational, optimistic images, or just plain gorgeous design, especially for a calendar that's "in your face" 365 days a year.

Good ex&les of what I'm talking about are most of Keith's images:

I can imagine that you rather have a thing of beauty hanging on the wall.
This idea came from a collection of spontaneously offered images from strange derelict buildings.

The first one you see here.
It was to be Jürgens new home after a dramatic start with his CVF back.
We are all glad he had managed to stay on the internet.
The wiring for that is in the air.

Any other ideas for a calendar can be discussed although I do not mind to support the original idea.
Also think about a larger edition which means printing and as Jürgen mentioned at less quality paper.

Please send any ideas with pictures to Jürgen so he can start to work on a lay out.
Jürgen has offered to organise it all but I think that is as far as it can go.
We need a little contribution to share the expenses.


Please note the forum will use the German language from April first.
To get used to the idea one of the buttons you see at the bottom of the page when posting is already in German: sofort veröffentlichen means: post now.
Anybody who wants a fast course to master the German language please contact me PM.
thank you for offering to try this project.

Please specify until when pictures have to be submitted. And if it would be allowed to have strange non-original glass (means not Zeiss, Kodak, Fuji, or Schneider) on the camera.

If you do not find enough excellent photographers to participate I will happily try to fill a gap.

Not a problem Gary.


You're welcome!


PS: I thought the thing about switching to German was a joke, but I guess not. Now we have a mix of German and English. Strange...
Many thanks Jurgen. I AM IN FOR SURE!

Very nice image Gary!

Jurgen, your project is a wonderful idea made all the more wonderful by the unique subject - completely never before done I am sure. We have a chance to "boast" about the "best" broken down houses around the world. And to do that you have linked a bunch of passionate "square" shooters with a common passion.

So, for the benefit of the other members here who enthusiastically posted some excellent images on this theme some months ago, I have emailed to Jurgen s&les of two old broken down houses I found in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, which he can select from.

Having the pleasure of having Jurgen's 2008 recycling calendar, I know the brilliant quality our images will be displayed in - just like a top level professional art calendar!!

I am, sure Jurgen will soon post details of the data files we need to get to him. I also recall Marc very kindly offered to scan film if any of us need his help. We will need to see if Marc is still able to do that.

Many of my colleagues have seen Jurgen's 2008 calendar and very enthusiastically commented about that unique subject; so I am looking forward to seeing the finished 2009 calendar. What is more terrific is that we will share in our images being reproduced together.

So, JURGEN, I wonder what other help you will need from us in addition to images? I am sure many here would like to help in other ways as well to reduce the load on you - although, of course, the project and calendar concept is yours. But, please tell us what we might do to help make this great idea happen!

I see German presents no problem to you good. We may as well switch to German a little sooner.

Please note de Koninck is excellent beer from Belgium.
Germans are very peculiar about foreign beers.
Untill some years ago no foreign beers were sold in Germany.
Only beer produced according to strict rules of clean production, in German: "Reinheitsgebot", were to be sold here.

Hi all ... Imacon 949 at the ready.

As project manager, Jurgen needs to set specifications and a time line into play including a deadline for submitting entries. Perhaps an attached PDF with such info so we can download it for safe keeping. Of course, I assume this will be a 2009 calendar since 2008 is in progress already and we will need time to accomplish all of this on our own time.

As for assistance in scanning films, Jurgen may include my mailing address on the PDF for those wishing a 949 scan. Please allow generous time for this, and do not send for scans at the last possible moment. Like many of you, I am an extremely busy person especially in the Summer/Fall when I photograph weddings while also working a full time job. People need only send their film to me with an addressed prepaid return envelope if they wish it. I can FTP the full scan file back to them via SendThisFile for any further tweaking, spot knocking or retouching they may wish to do before forwarding it to Jurgen ... so I will also require an active e-mail address for this purpose.

Here is a few suggestions for the group to consider if I may ...

If we maintain an all Hasselblad criteria ( Hasselblad past, present and any new product ), perhaps we can solicit the company's sanction to use their logo, and they may even be interested in featuring it on their web site ... you never know.

I apologize if this has been covered already as I've bee terribly busy ... but how is the selection process going to take place? I assume 12 spots are available and I predict more than 12 people will want to participate.

BTW, I hope that this becoming an all German site is in jest.
Oh, BTW ... I love "Home Sweet Home"

This is a famous subject for rustic folk art in the US, and is often a needle point wall-hanging
found in lower and middle-class homes. I love the ironic nature of it all.

I love the HOME SWEET HOME very much as well , and as you say , because of the ironic nature .
Therefore the title will be HOME SWEET HOME .

I have a PDF with the scan and image specs but was unable to insert it in the thread .
I will try again .

<center><table border=1><tr><td>

MF-FORUM.SCANSPECS.cwk (TV).pdf (18.4 k)</td></tr></table></center>
Additional to each sent image , I would like to have the cameratype and lens used for the image + filmtype or digital , as well as the full name of the photographer and the country where he lives .

Now , as I managed to get the PDF (far too big) inserted , more details will follow in an other

You are welcome . I want at least 14 images from 14 photographers .

@ Bladdered
Thanks for posting your image . My calendar layout is for square images , final size 24x24 cm . Slight differences can be corrected by GENUINE FRACTALS .

Everybody is welcome .
I would be honoured if there was room for me to join in. If not I understand.

thanks again Manu for the desktop calendar you sent me. I love it !


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