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Changes Coming Hold on to your seat


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Something's up folks. No real specific info, just know something is afoot at Hasselblad.

Don't ask how I know, but I do. It's all quite hush-hush as has been the habit at Hasselbald. They tend to announce something and make it available immediately rather than lead the market with news of what's coming down the road.

September-ish maybe early October.

Let's all speculate shall we?

My guess (severely tainted by wishful thinking : -) Listed in order of importance that's also wishful thinking:

An answer to the Hy6: a new 6X6 camera that uses the Schneider AF digital lenses. Maybe a larger sensor digital back ... that can work on all existing V cameras as well as the new 6X6 AF camera? Therefore, obviously also usable with current V film backs.

Perhaps a reinvolvement with Zeiss with new AF lenses for this new 6X6 Camera?

HD4: A new H camera with improved LCD readout (larger), improved AF with multi-point AF sensors like 35mm type SLRs ... and maybe a true full frame 645 digital back that breaks the 50 meg barrier and ranges from ISO 50 to 3200 ( 50 to 1600 already exists on some Phase One backs).

CFV-II, featuring a larger sensor. Whether this would be square is highly speculative. I think it more likely that an existing 22 meg 645 sensor would be used ... how it would work to shoot in the portrait mode is the question. Hope it's a larger square sensor.

Finally, the arrival of the much rumored T/S lens for the H series cameras? (this is not "hot" enough news to warrant the impending Fall activity amongst Hasselblad and their dealiers).
BTW, here is an interesting quote from the Schneider web-site:

"As a result, the imaging capabilities of Digitar lenses are so great that they meet the highest resolution requirements of today's CCD imaging sensors as well as those of the new sensors being designed now for release in the next decade."

Note "new sensors" and the implication that they know what is coming. Since 645 sensors are approching the limits of how many pixels can be packed into the space, I'd speculate it means larger sensors. Unless, of course, whole new technologies are afoot.

I forgot one other "speculative support point" on my part:

I've said this before, the V interest has seemed to increase in the past year or so culminating with Hasselblad placing "Planet V" on their website so prominently. As far as my sources indicate, the CFV has been a relatively decent seller for them. But the actions of Hasselblad have been counter to this with the winnowing down of the V line to one camera. This seems contradictory ... unless maybe, just maybe, it is a prelude to a new 6X6 return to the base heritage of Hasselblad.

All my fingers and toes are crossed in anticipation.
mate congratulations on your short feature on the planet V site.. i was really impressed by your original post in here! i love the detail and texture of the dog shot...

Great speculation Marc.

I hope it's the bigger CFV square sensor with lower or zero crop factor.

The digital V clearly is an exceptional solution, but it hasn't slowed the rapid demise of Hasselblad 500 Series cameras with the continuing fall in used prices. The right digital V back provides a very high level of digital capture, from what I've seen, at a very competitive price.

It could open dramatically widen Hasslblad's appeal amd pave the way for the re-introduction of metered bodies etc. The Leica M8 has shown that buyers want some traditional features in digital products.

Hope you're on to somehing Marc.

Thanks Carlos, the Newfoundland puppy shot was just a quick snapshot, but even snaps from these cameras provide something extra : -)
Hi Gary, good to hear from you.

I told my re-seller that if it IS a bigger CFV back to sign me up IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.

But I don't think all the activity that's apparently about to take place would be about a upgraded CFV for existing V cameras. I'm speculating that it's bigger than that. I think it's a new camera, and possibly new partnerships with lens makers.

How hard would it be for them to use all their expertise gain over the years with 500 and 200 series cameras to engineer a Hy6 killer?

Many Hasselblad re-sellers are multiple platform dealers. If they wanted to blunt the impact of an Hy6 invasion into the US market where they are more dominate than Rollie, the way to do it would be to expand their product line ... continue their excellent 645 solution, and 6X6 as they have been doing, but update the 6X6 offering. Hopefully, with the modular retrofit capability intact.

All pure speculation to be sure ... but one can hope : -)
I hope all these rumors mean a CFV back with 1.2 or 1.3X crop factor square sensor(42X42) or a 1.1X or 1.4X crop factor rectangular sensor. Bigger than that, I'm sure the tag will be out of my reach.
I think it is possible to cleverly design a revolving 36X48mm sensor inside a non rotating back to fit a 55X55 capture.

A new H camera? It seems very possible to me.
An Hy6 answer seems too speculative at this time.
A V system revival? That sounds like everybody's wet dream in here. I hope so.

Thanks for sharing yor thoughts Marc. You made our weekend.


Thank you very much for your "speculative" info . It leaves room for many , many ideas .
In earlier post , I stated , that Rollei People were talking about a bigger sensor . But this might happen in parallel to other gear coming up .
If it is something to compete with the Hy6 , it could also mean the end of the H-SYSTEM .
And as you said , if there is a bigger sensor back , which can also be used with the existing V-SYSTEM , just put me on the list too .

Again , I like to say , many , who sold their V-SYSTEM gear for very low prices , might regret that very soon .


With a bigger square sensor , there will be no need for revolving the camera .
Thats what I do love with the V-SYSTEM . And a 48x48 sensor is very well possible .

Why do you say a new 6X6 would be the death of the H system? I thought the H system was very well positioned in the market. Many photogs prefer 645 for being a more dynamic format or so they say.


PS. In my former post I meant:
"a 1.1X or 1.15X crop factor rectangular sensor"
Sorry, for so much posting.
Jurgen, you are right, but a 48 square sensor would be prohibited for the next 5 years or so.
I was talking about the entry level dback for the V systemf, not top of the line.
But something around 42mm square sensor back would do as a spectacular CFV upgrade.

Actually, what it is ... they are bringing back the 'Forum' magazine, and they have hired the Editor from Leica's LFI magazine. The grossly oversized Victor is 'history'. The 205FE-D and 505CwD 55x55 with Zeiss DigiLens will be introduced at Photokina. And they are licensing the design by Jurgen for Pencil Holders (if the H series body will be OK for this).

"Bringggggg, brrrinnggg. Oh, crap! That's my alarm. Time to get up ... wow, what a dream ..."


Cheers, Colin
In no way would a larger square sensored camera eliminate the desire or need for a 645 camera. I've always used both formats even with film.

The camera that the H camera killed for me was the Canon 1DsMKII. I now use a 1DMKIII for fast paced. low light DSLR work, and when I want the higher resolution and a faster MF camera it's the HD3 everytime.

A few days ago I played with a Rollie AF with a Phase One digital back, and there simply is no comparison in handling speed between it and the H camera. For me the H3D is a whisker away from a 35mm type DSLR. If they add multiple focusing points, higher ISO and strengthen the software, it'll be even closer.

That said, it indeed would be terrific to add even more life to my V gear collect over all these years.
Bad luck, Colin. You woke too early to get the cost:

A body, full frame d-back, plus three lenses of your choice, plus a choice of pencil holder or set of steak knives for $1000.

Well, it was a dream...

Interesting speculation overall, of incremental stuff for the H system and further 'rescue' of the V system. Whatever happens, I do think that hanging on to your seats will probably mean hanging on to stop the empty wallet floating away.

Despite the V cameras are 50 years old, they still are the coolest looking photographic devices on planet Earth.
So what? For starters, no manufactured product on earth I know (with the exception of the Ford GT 40) looks better than its siblings. (that applies to humans beings too, I believe)

So what? For me it counts. A better looking car, doesn't neceseraly turns me into a better driver. Wrong. When my car is is coming out of a professional carwash, you know, details, sh&oo, the works, I drive "smootherly"

Nice looking cameras make us feel nice. Beauty in one's eyes generates endorfines.It is all Zen and every trick to perform better is worthy.

I never liked the looks of the H system. Despite I am excited about the new AFi/Hy6 camera, my heart doesn't pound strong enough because it doesn't look good enough.

Maybe I am just vane.
Just sharing

Eduardo, it is so delightful to find kindred affection for timeless industrial design. It is a lust that has cost me dearly over the years.

If pure business logic had prevailed, my Hasselblad V gear would have rode off into the sunset some time ago ... to fund some soulless piece of gear that would make me more money.

There are two things in my gear closet that command my deepest affection .... the Hasselblad V ( most deeply the 203FE ) and the Leica MP3 with retro design 50/1.4 ASPH ( a dead ringer for the M3). For these two "fondlers delights", I have spent like a Sugar Daddy plying luxuries on his beautiful mistress ... the CFV plus conversion of a 203FE, and the wallet ravaging Imacon 949. If they offer a big ticket CFV, she shall unquestioningly have that also.

It has accelerated past senseless vanity to become an enjoyable form of mental illness : -)