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80mm lens not locking

Used my 80mm with an extension tube, took the lens of and extension.
Tried to put the lens back on and lock it in. Just would not go. Tried as far as could without real brute force,

Tried my 40mm and that locked perfectly.

Any advise please.

Did you remember to cock the shutter before removing it from the camera? If not, you will need to do this with a screwdriver or something before it will fit back onto anything.
Have a power winder on, so shutter cocked automatically.
However the shutter catch is not hrizontal on the lens.

Tried with a coin to gently turner in arrow direction. but just cocks back.


Basic question: Did you take the lens off the extension tube, before you took the tube off the body? There is a sequence to follow. Perhaps this is what happened to create the present issue.

PS I know you know that brute force is an expensive option.
An Extension Tubes "manual" is here: some of which is pasted below:


The extension tube is attached to the camera body in exactly the same way
as a lens. Thus you have to verify that the camera is rewound by
checking that the winding crank cannot be turned and that the drive
shaft is in the proper position (see the camera manual). Also check that
the drive shaft in the extension tube is cocked in the same way as a
lens drive shaft. Line up the index marks in the lens mount on the
camera and on the tube, insert the tube and turn it clockwise until it
stops with a faint click as it locks in place.

NOTE: Always attach the tube to the camera body first and then further
tubes and finally the lens to the tube.

Never attach the tube to the lens separately! It may then jam the lens

(This manual and the words above is not verified by me, but it reads as if it is correct. It is what I do, at least.)

G'Day Peter:

I presume you mean you just took the entire tube+lens off at once, and then took them apart? If so, oops, but many of us over the years have done it. (The first time I loaded film into a back - I think an old 500c era back - I loaded it inside out.)

Please don't hang yourself. Maybe an option, but only if it was the 40mm. ;-) 80s are not life threatening - even a replacement.

This is now where I back away ... I never got any joy from telling someone to take a large hammer and an electric drill and a can of lubricant to the lens. There are some great HB trained techs watching this thread right now.

I am curious to know (from someone who really knows what they are talking about) why trying to reset the lens is not working. Maybe it is really "jammed". Dunno.

Best of luck.


PS Strongly recommend you do NOT, that's NOT try to recreate this error using the 40 so you can see what you did.

I can only agree to what you say .
I strongly recommend to follow your given sequence very carefully .
Many years ago , I made "that mistake" and did not follow the sequence (I did not know about it)
and that killed my shutter (the 1 sec and 1/2 sec speed did not work properly anymore)
An expensive experience in deed .

Colin, thanks for posting that very useful link.

Jurgen, I have had one or 2 "close calls" with tubes and am now mindful to take extra care. I find with the older versions that sometimes when the lens is removed correctly the little cocking device in the tube will drop back into "not-cocked" mode. So I always check the tubes before I try to fit a lens as well.
Like your post Jurgen. The little man is exactly as I feel at the moment.
'STUPID' HELPLESS' and now waiting to contact my hassie repairer to see whether I can affored Christmas. (just paid and got my D3) ooch.

Thanks all

G'Day Peter:

I'm sorry for you, if it is as we now fear! But it may not be the end.

If you want, you can send me the new full sensor sized D3, and I will send you an 80mm CFE in Mint Condition. That's fair, and you won't have to get any rope ...

@ Simon. Thanks. When I had my very ancient 500C in the late 80s, I probably made every mistake known to man - with not cocking before removing, loading film inside out, leaving the dark slide on the grass at the last place I put my tripod, and on and on. So by the time I got around to the 503CW etc. I was ready! Wildi is explicit about several things in his books of course, but he is VERY explicit about extension rings. I suspect he screwed up too.

@ Jurgen. Herr Moderator Paul says he will buy you a dozen of the Aussie wine I mentioned and have it delivered to your house because you are the most knowledgeable about the Tilt of the Sensor. Of course, I wanted to do it, but he insisted. He must be the best moderator we've had, don't you think. ;-)

Cheers, and Ho Ho Ho.


These are the comments which make you such an appreciated and beloved member in the forum . Thank you very much .
Every good boy deserves a favour .



Thanks for being honest about your limited knowledge of cameras, lenses and tubes.
With this kind of expertise in politics you would have been appointed as an expert for complicated matters concerning peace in the Middle East.


I think you must have a nice sideline in Australian wine.
Colin insisted on sending me a crate of this delicious wine and
was thinking of you to get it organised.
He will pay for it from his Kabul bankaccount.
I am sure converting euros into Afghani currency is not a problem for you.
He offered to give me the details of his Afghani creditcard but these creditcards can only be used by owners of an AK47.
I doubt whether your creditcard terminal is ready for that.


If the worst comes to the worst with your 80 mm lens I have a brandnew one lying in its box ready to get some action.
Knowing CZ quality I am convinced your lens will be repaired at reasonable cost
Uuuuuuups Paul

I promise to improve my english reading and will pass on your answer to my lawyer .
Without his agreement , I will not post here anymore .

Your command of the English language is excellent.
Do not worry about that.
Maybe you know the story about the film that starts with 200 lawyers sitting at the bottom of the sea?
I do not know the film but I like the way it begins!
that Pioneer Anomaly is an easy one. Solar cosmic radiation results in the production of radioactive nuclides on the sun-facing side of the probes. When those decay and emit particles they add momentum to the probes. Sort of "forward tilting".

Too bad they did not pay me any more to do space science...


I am glad there is scientific proof about the tilting effect.
I was under the impression the "tilting sensor" was something Jürgen dreamed up to make an excuse for his failing CFV back.
It seems clear Hasselblad is still involved with space research.

So you want alpha or beta emitters to power your spacecraft if I understand correctly?