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Zeiss 300 f28 TPP


New Member
I love this lens, but I am moving away from the V system and, alas, it is not possible to use it with H cameras.

I have listed it on eBay, if anyone is interested.
Me, me, me, I'm here !
Link please !!!!!!

You should have come here first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post a photo and a price, if someone wants it, you can yank it off e-bay ... hehehehehehe : -)
Is it eBay # 250171216974?

Note that i am the highest bidder, and that i intend to keep it that way! So back off!

(No, i'm not!)

At the time of writing this, the bid is US$ 6.100.
Below the reserve. And indeed far too little.
Mm...............mmmmmh what a lens

Marc , if you tell me what I should use that lens for , I would go for it .

I am shure , you would not be able to attach it to a wonderfull 8X10" .
There is one TPP set available at a german dealer as well .

I once read , that the glass was just enough for 51 TPP sets , but that there were only 48 produced . I don't know , if this is "true" , but this lens shurely is very very rare and it should not land in a collection , but be used to show its wonderful performance .

So I keep on dreaming of the ease and comfort of a MINOX with the quality of a 8x10" digital sensor .
Regards Jürgen
I also owned this lens for a few years, bought new and more than 20,000 USD and have to agreed that this is, and it must be, the best tele lens ever made. I used to have this for my 205 FCC but now I am using it with my Contax 645 with P45 thru the MAM-1 adapter, or sometimes use on Canon 1Ds MK2 with an adapter.
I thought the original plan was to make 300 and did not know it made only 48, mine is 9300078. I convince myself this to be the last lens I will ever sell. I might be able to bid later to see if I am lucky enough to get a 2nd copy. I must say the bidding in thousands is a very good deal. The TPP in action:
Yep, it doesn't get any yummier than that. Best of luck Q.G.

Sigh, for me it shall not be ... just got the new upgrade pricing path for the H3D/31-II & 39-II and it is nothing short of a bankrupt inducing insult to loyal Hasselblad photographers.

I smell a Hy6 up ahead.

My dealer has a presentation of the LEAF AFi7 , AFi6 and AFi5 on October 11 in Stuttgart ,
These models are the LEAF versions of the HY6 . I am invited am will shurely follow that invitation . I will report .

Regards Jürgen
Thanks Q:

I read the listing and learned that he is looking for about +$16,000 USD.

Jurgen, go for it! I would, but after what I have spent lately, I am sure my spouse would learn to live much more inexpensively!

I did enjoy the lens one day!

Perhaps I buy a new one some day!!!!


Jurgen, please do relate your experiences after that presentation.

I don't talk about it much, but have a superb performing Aptus 75 which is being swapped out for a brand new Aptus 75s for around $2,000. in the next few weeks (Leaf just let me know that it's made port ). Change the mount and it'll go nicely with a Leaf AFi Hy6.

In contrast, the upgrade for my H3D/31 barely dry behind the ears to a H3D/31-II is ... ta da ... $14,400 !!!

Perhaps Hasselblad has lost their collective mind ?
Hi Marc,

Holy cow.. that is a rip-off. 14k$ for the differences between the -I and the -II is well over the top. I assume you are not tempted by this gesture?

Perhaps Hasselblad has lost their collective mind ?>

I think they have created a marketing strategy that includes inherent desire not to be left behind with obsolete or outdated equipment. Now that the quality is to a point that it is capable of meeting the satisfaction level of many, I question how long the process can continue. There will come a point the the industry is satisfied and then they will concentrate on making money. I think the industry has been though a phase of spending money to keep up with technology. Having stated that I am sure the manufactures have new products scheduled for the future.



I can hardly believe the 14400$ . Are you shure ? ? ?

Calumet presents the AFi models on an european roadshow , from England to Russia , and Stuttgart , my hometown ,
is one of the places . I will be there and I will give feedback .

Regards Jürgen
These marketing strategies only work because people spend the money, regardless.
Right, Marc?
Right Q.G. ... to a point ... and for me that point is now.

If this had been a full frame 645 @ 54 meg and all the other stuff they are doing, a case could be made for SOME photographers ... but the same sensor? Please.

I was able to justify the quality leap from 16 meg to 39 meg as a business decision, but not this ... there's no sound financial rationale to pay that price for incremental gains. IMO it's a case of diminishing returns at prices like that.

I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.

Time to price out that AFi. The big nut is the digital back which I already have. The lenses sound interesting anyway. Well see.

Maybe it's all a lie, and the prices were published by Leaf and Sinar ... LOL.
Here is the link:

Yes, it is a beautiful lens, and I am very ambivalent about selling it. However, I am trying to consolidate into one system.

I will have to rewrite my will, because in it I give the lens to NASA. They apparently use it in space. Given how sharp it is, they probably read Pravda headlines from sunbathers in Red Square.

Good luck if you bid on it. Half of me wants you to win, and half doesn't want anyone to hit the reserve.


Are there any marks/scratches and if there are, could you post images or perhaps include them on the eBay page, I would highly appreciate it!!!

No scratches. It is perfect. I did post photos on eBay, as best as I could take. I don't have a studio, so the photos aren't ideal.

I don't know. Reading the comments in this forum I am having serious second thoughts....