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what cards are you guys using


what card are you guys using and what speed..currently using the udma cards from calumet 16gb at 305x but i guess i am getting a few hiccups towards the end..

i just want to compare notes...

Until now i use my Sandisk Extreme III 12gb, but i keep that Extreme IV 2gb which came with the camera for backup, but i have 2x Extreme III 8gb and 1x Extreme IV 4gb and 2x Extreme III 2gb and 2x Lexar normal slow 1gb, so i have almost 38gb of Cards, but i have 2s External HD 500GB each, and one Storage device with LCD 500GB and Epson P-4000 80GB, so i never worry about storage and i can buy more cards and hard drives if i want but i have too much really.
it says on the manual to use 133 cards..i wonder if there is a benefit in using the 300x cards on the h3d2..???
Two things are important with cards:

The capacity to record a certain amount of data and the speed they offer to write those data.

Hasselblad just issued a warning against the use of 32 Mb cards.
The use of these cards with the H3D50Mp will lead to corrupted files.

Untill further notice the use of these cards is not recommended.
This concerns all makes of 32 Mb cards.
i shoot about 600 to 1000 frames per i figure 3 cards..16bg each..since the 50 lets the 16bg card have about 180 frames per card...

i shoot about 600 to 1000 frames per i figure 3 cards..16bg each..since the 50 lets the 16bg card have about 180 frames per card...


In my arithmetic you are still at least one 16 Mb card short.........
I am using SAN DISK EXTREME IV 8GB and 16GB .
No trouble up to now .
Also LEXAR CF PROFESSIONAL 300x UDMA would be a good choice .
Both brands are rather expensive , but very reliable . IMHO the best buy you can make .
Smaller eggs?

That if the eggs size is getting smaller more and more as well ;-)

I am under the impression the eggs are getting bigger as well.
Nothing short of a miracle the way new recordable media are handling large amounts of data with ever smaller devices. :z02_respekt:
32 MB cards update

I received the following message from Hasselblads after sales department:

Last week we adviced you not to use 32 GB CF cards in your Hasselblad camera.
We are very pleased to announce that a solution to this issue is now available.

We have verified that the issue is related specificly to H3DII-50, so further actions are only necessary if you own this camera model.

Our engineering team has verified and corrected the issue via some changes in the H3DII-50 firmware. Therefore we strongly recommend all H3DII-50 users and owners to download the new firmware version R332 from our homepage and install it to the capture unit via Phocus 1.1.3.

We have taken the opportunity to also add some further enhancements to the firmware.

Click here to go directly to the Hasselblad download area.

Once again, we apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Best regards

Carsten Kronborg
Corporate After Sales Manager

there are sites in the web..that dropped the lexar 16bg in there is a 60 mail in rebate right now for the cards...

i hope i am not advertising...polypal..sorry in advance if i am...

Easy does it

Hello Lemonlib,

I became a moderator by accident and those users that have been here a little longer know that I promised to be the laziest mod in history.

In case this needs further explanation:
The former MF forum, now exclusively Hasselblad forum, enjoys being visited by professionals and amateurs.
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There simply is no status we are all users of Hasselblad cameras.
I set out to help make this forum a place where everybody feels at ease.
The user who is about to discover MF for the first time with his used Hasselblad kit is just as important as the pro with a new 50 Mp camera.

For some reason Hasselblad users are all smart people with good manners.
That makes it possible for me to lean back 99.9 % of the time as far as mod duties are concerned.
Only once in a while do I need to remind a user of the things the owner of the forum is touchy about:

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It took a few more words than I am used to but an explanation of the forums position and the way I see my task as moderator may help to understand the rare occasions that I act as moderator here.