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Here is a street shot of a stall owner taken with the X2D-100C and XCD 80/1.9. He was standing under the awning of the stall. I was still getting used to the AF so it is a tiny bit off. The "guy" is a Cob-Nut farmer and yes wrinkly and cranky.

20220918 131915B0000530 -X2D 100CXCD 80 - 80 mm ¹⁄₃₀₀ sec at ƒ - 8.0 ISO 800 ⅓ EV-ProcessedV37...jpg


That looks good!

How is your impression if someone would like tonuse the Hasselblad X2D 100 as a street or city-travel camera?


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The first issue is the size of the files and the size of storage one needs to travel with -- I usually carry a 2021 16"MBP with 8TB and two 8TB rocket drives -- so the file size is not an issue for me.
Second and more important is safety and security -- all my camera gear is very highly insured - new for old and full damage cover +3rd party liability. The bigger problem is some folk have noted it is a visible expensive piece of gear and I am very old. I shoot with it attached to my equally old (its not) leather sun sniper strap and it has a safety wire built in. AND a lens in the pocket of the coat. When I walk about town I do not carry a bag or backpack etc..
A few folk I met up with commented on the "size of the lens" (I was using the 80) - The new XCD V's "look shorter" -- well the are lighter but a 90mm is still a 90mm etc..
I have no plans to head off to the seedier places in London and if I did I would take security or a group of folk for "company".
Obviously using a piece of tape to hide the branding might help -- but.......

WHILE the XCD 4/21 and 1.9/80 are my favourites, when the 3 new lenses arrive I will work out what is a better set to travel with. Almost certainly I would travel with the 4/21. It is then a toss-up between the new 2.5/90V and the 1.9/80 -- and probably one or the 38 or 55 or maybe both - but then I would need to carry them in something.

AND then there is the fact I like tilt/shift -- if I get the HTS 1.5 and XH 0.8 converter I will probably buy an HC 4/28 or 4.8/24 to use with it -- the net wide open aperture and focal length being 5.0/35 and 6.0/30mm respectively -- or 4.0/29mm and 4.8/23mm in 35mm eq -- the 4.8/24 is close to my ideal for landscape/city-scape and some interiors - but I luv the 4/21 for this and so......
...... when traveling it all depends on what project I have set myself and what "work" I have to do.

Anyway -- the direct answer is YES one can and I will use it as a travel camera AND in cities. I might use a disguise/raincover to "reduce" its appeal. We will see.


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I took my 907X to Athens and found it useful as a way to connect to people. One lady in a shop asked me if I would take her photo. Handheld at 1/30th ISO 1600 45mm

I think people find it less threatening than a normal camera. The X2D is more of a normal camera though. Anyway, I do not baby or molly coddle my stuff.


OK, here is the champ who runs the good "Roach Coach" here in town. Best tacos around, two Al Pastors, two Carne Asadas and a Coke and I am in business. He is a pleasant fellow with corazon. And great tacos. Mexican Comida de la Calle (street food) is just killer good.