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hasselblad x2d 100c

  1. KyleCassidy

    3rd Party Lenses on X examples

    Hi folks -- this comes up all the time so I thought I'd add some samples. These are a Nikon 135mm f2.8 on the X1D, the two studio ones are on a tripod, the outdoor one is handheld. The 135 has more rolling shutter than the Nikon 55 macro which I use a lot on the X. It's enough of a problem that...
  2. ajm057

    Walking about with my new X2D-100C

    Here is a street shot of a stall owner taken with the X2D-100C and XCD 80/1.9. He was standing under the awning of the stall. I was still getting used to the AF so it is a tiny bit off. The "guy" is a Cob-Nut farmer and yes wrinkly and cranky.