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V System Future Redux


Hi, all - I just received my "Open Letter" from Hasselblad's President via email. Status on new H products, support of old H products, blah blah blah. Aside from promising new CFV back updates, no word at all on the remainder of the V system that I noticed.
Cheers (?)
Nothing new, i'd say.

This letter has touched many nerves, it seems. You can't turn anywhere without people repeating the thing, in full.
But i really can't find anything in it worth reporting.

So... Effective marketing, isn't it?
I guess that with all this irritation concerning the V system, if Hasselblad does not comment anything about the V in the following weeks, that'll be all.

Then my Hasses will go to eBay or similar and finally, I will concentrate on finding the finest glass for my current and future digital EOS's

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Then my Hasses will go to eBay or similar and finally, I will concentrate on finding the finest glass for my current and future digital EOS's

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Sound a little extreme. People are still using pre-WWII Leicas and early Hasselblads with great success. It appears that the physics of light has not changed because of the introduction of digisnaps.

Am I missing something here?

I just bought a new Hasselblad 503CW and am waiting for it to be delivered.

But I am so much looking forward to holding this very smart camera in my hands and to make the first photographs...

It is the camera which fits my way of taking pictures the most and nothing will have influence on this - no doubts, no trouble.

My personal V-System is just born and I anticipate a long, long life!!!

My only interest in digital equipment is a full format digiback for the Hassi...

I hope and wish to be wrong, but this is not looking any good for those like me waiting for an affordable dback for the V system with a bigger sensor than 1.5X crop. I know I'm not alone on this. An affordable back means a back not that much over 10K. Affordable means a back for us wich can't afford going into the H or Hy6 system. Afordable means a back that passionate amateurs can afford without feeling guilty or being plainly economically or politically incorrect. Affordable means a back that can be purchase by pros from emerging countries like mine, and all this without getting less mp's than a 35mm dslr.

I remember 4 years ago when the used market got full of V cameras, I thought about how stupid they were getting rid of their Hasselblads. Now, I'm not so sure. Well, right in sync for a great Thanksgiving day dinner, don't you think so?

Buen provecho
I have been dreaming of owning a 503cw for sometime now but realistically won't be purchasing for another few months yet. Whilst I love the V series camera I have opted to wait and pay a bit more for the Hy6 when it is released.

It is unfortunate that Hasselblad are going down a path, it seems, with little support for the V series and no commitment to the V digital future. Sinar / Rollieflex are striking a gold mine in my opinion. There offer is excellent and whilst the digital path is by no means cheap I will have options in the future.

As I am not a pro with deadlines in a commercial market I will very happily continue to use film and scan my results.

My 2 cents worth!

Is everyone allergic to used equipment?

This gear and most "previously owned" digital backs are quite reasonable in price for those on a budget, or are emerging professionals.

"Not much over $10,000."

I purchased a barely used H2D/22 kit which included the camera, prism, 22 meg 645 sized sensor digital back, a H film back, and a 120/4 Macro in a Pelican case for $14,000.

I sold the 120 macro for $2,200. and the unused film back for $900. Cost now $10,900. Add a CF adapter for $800. and all of your existing CF, CFi and CFE Zeiss lenses are fully useable in full auto aperture mode. Total cost: $11,700.
BTW, the H camera provides in viewfinder auto focus confirmation with the manual focus Zeiss V glass, and all flash functions are controllable via the camera when using Metz on-camera or potato masher equipment. Manual exposure and Aperture preferred exposure control are available.

Except for those that settle for "good enough", or are legally blind, there isn't a Canon camera made, or that is going to be made anytime soon, that can produce the image quality of this set up. Size STILL matters. Besides A Canon 1DSMKIII will cost $8,000. plus lense$ to give you less image quality. And when Canon produces optics to rival Zeiss is the day ice cream won't melt in Hell.


You're the king of the shoppers!

I bet you do all the food shopping at your house, and use the saver coupons. 203FE for $1500. H2D kit for a net $11,700. Holy cow, do you get your gasoline for 20c a gallon?

Just messing with you.

I think it's very sound advice about the pre-owned marketplace, and also to the young man wanting a kit and you suggesting Mamiya ZD.

From what I've learnt these past few years since I started a digital darkroom - in his position - I'd now spend $2000 on a nice pre-loved 500/503, a lens and two backs, and $10000 on a scanner and printer, assuming he has a Mac/PC with some horsepower. Amazing things come from these drum scans!


You're right on target. GOOD stuff is always worth the investment. Aside from my 500 and 503, I still use an M3, Nikon F, Rollieflex TLR, Rolleicord TLR, and last weekend, an Agfa Clack 120! The last item I don't put in the GOOD stuff category, but it's classier than the Holga, has never needed service, and shocks the locals. (Especially when I tell them it's a 6x6 digi on field test, with the shutter sound turned up.)

It ain't over till it's over.

Cheers, Colin
Hi Colin,
I have an Agfa Clack too. It was my first camera, given to me by my parents in about 1958. I last used it about 30 years ago and was pleasantly surprised at the results. I must give it another go. Thanks for reminding me about it!
The days of the V system are over when nobody is using these cameras.
Not the production of the system but the use of the camera determinnes whether it is obsolete or not.

Production of the 503CW stopped quite a while ago.
Hasselblad is selling bodies from the last large production run untill stock is depleted.
Paul, you are right - my Hassi will be alive the next years for sure...

What do you think will happen, when the 'last large production run' has been disposed?
Will they run the machines again???

Marc Williams (Fotografz) wrote on October 23:

' 2007 - 11:54 am,Besides A Canon 1DSMKIII will cost $8,000. plus lense$ to give you less image quality'

It just shows how ripped off we are in the UK. The Canon costs £6000 here which equals €8,597 or $12,203. It is a constant source of irritation.

Never mind...
Colin , Mate

Of course my HOLGA can not compete with this AGFA CLACK


But , my friend I can get expanded warrenty and hot swap for the HOLGA .

Regards Jürgen ....... Printing calendars all day .
the AGFA Clack does no need expanded warranty and hot swap. Look at the box, it says "Lebensfreude auf Lebenszeit". Sort of lifetime warranty with the life of the owner in mind. My AGFA Synchro Box, AGFA Clack and AGFA Click II are still operational and by far older than I am. Only AGFA has gone which is very sad...


Yes you are right , it has a "lifetime warranty" . Please excuse my serious mistake .

G'Day all Clackers:

Yes, the wonderful Clack was my 'hot swap' camera with my Brownie Hawkeye Flash. Both my originals still work OK. I think I got the Clack, Xmas 1955 or 56. Of course, on Day 1, all wrappings and boxes were always thrown away, unless my mother kept them for sewing boxes. Wonderful ex&le, Jurgen.

The Clack gives a huge negative ! You might want to look at these sites for a fun five minutes.


Colin ... CLACK ?