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Using flash with 503cw


Made by Metz but sold by Hasselblad. Now that Hasselblad no longer offers it Metz will distribute it. The one for Rollei cameras was only available from Rollei also. I guess they wanted a captive market.


"WHOOPS! Just gave away my ebay password..............." harf harf, I can't believe !

BTW, the kit for 16'000 is 40mm If included !

I have 2 390TTL, one proflash and one D-40: I'm allways surprised how good is the result on film !


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I have a Proflash 4504, but that is built in also I think.

I do have an adapter like the one shown above for a Sunpack 120J.
Hi Marc. and Isador. Yes the Hassie 503cwd was the KIT which included the 40mm lens.

So the Aniversery kit 503cwd with 40mm + 76 mz-5 flash (without SCa adaptors)

all for £8200 ($ 16000) oh plus 2 filters.. tax included.


Perhaps the glass over the digital sensor does not help for TTL-flash.

For Quantum flash a metz 390 TTL module works ?


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> If I were the Metz company, I'd see the huge number of CW owners who are locked-out of buying my product... and fill the void with my own (or re-labeled) adapters. Wouldn't you?


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Hi Ken,

The deal giving Hasselblad exlusive rights to sell the SCA 390 may well have ended by now.
There is just not enough volume in sales to order a large batch of these adapters so Hasselblad sold remaining stock and did not reorder again.
Terry may have a point that Metz will be selling these adapters now as Metz product.
I wonder what they are going to cost now.


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"Perhaps the glass over the digital sensor does not help for TTL-flash."

No problem.

Use D40 with a CFV, and Metz MZ54 and MZ70 with the H camera all the time.


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Hi everyone,
Excuse my poor English. A friend of mine sold me a 503CW Millennium. I read in the notice that it was possible to use the TTL/OTF system with a compatible flash unit. For that reason, I bought a Metz 45CT-4 and a Hassy SCA 390 adapter. I have two questions to ask you :
1) Which wire have I to buy to connect the flash unit to the SCA 390 : SCA-300, SCA-300A or another ?
2) where can I buy one (not on E-Bay because 3 bad experiences in March).
And Excuse me also if this question is not the first one on the subject.
Best regards.


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Hello Dormeur,

Welcome to the forum.

You will need Metz part SCA 300a to make the SCA390 adapter complete.

Connect the large square multi connector to the Metz 45-CT4, the small round multi goes to the camera, the PC cord is fitted to the lens.
Select TTL on the Metz and adjust the round selector on the left hand side of the camera to the ASA value of the film in use.
Because the measuring system uses reflected light from the film test shots are only possible using a suitable rear cover for the camera.
This cover has a grey area that resembles the reflection of the film.

Should you wish to use a fill in flash just fool the TTL electronics by choosing a higher ASA value on the camera i.e. You use 100 ASA film and wish to have one stop less output than normal from the flash unit select 200 ASA on the camera. For two stops less will need 400 ASA on the camera and so on.

Any good old fashioned photoshop should have this Metz adapter in stock or will be able to order one for you.

I have not seen this question before on the forum.
Even if that were the case it is no problem to help you with this answer.



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Hi Polypal,
It was really friendly of you to give me so a complete answer to the questions that were really a great problem for me. Many thanks and best regards.