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Using flash with 503cw


New Member
Hello everyone :

I am a new user of 503cw ,I knew that the orginal choice of flash is D40 metz flash light with SCA390 TTL connector. If I use a studio flash or some small flash (I have a canon Ex 540)
,is it i only use the sync cable to connect my 503cw ? can anyone tell me the step of it ? and is it possible to connect other brand flash except metz ? Thanks everyone in this forum

Yes. When using any non-TTL flash unit (large or small), all you need to do is connect the flash's sync-cable to the PC contact on the lens.

The D40, by the way, is not a Metz flash. It comes already adapted to Hasselblad's cameras.
You can use all METZ SCA flash units in conjunction with the proper SCA-adapter (most need the SCA 390. Two older Metz units need the SCA 590 adapter).

Sunpak too makes TTL flash units plus a proprietary camera adapter: the DX-module HA-2D.
(The Hasselblad D40 resembles the Sunpak Auto Pro 120 so closely that it must be a Sunpak product made for Hasselblad).
> An advantage of using the Metz system with SCA adapters, is that you > can get the cables & adapters to have multiple flashes in use > simultaneously and still have TTL flash automation on the Hasselblad. > I don't think the Sunpak or D40 give you that capability.
As others have said - the Metz with the SCA connector activates the Hassy's TTL flash control. Just connect them and fire away. The f stop you select on the lens will determine subject illumination and DOF, while the shutter spped you select will determine the amount of ambient / background illumination. It's the same as any camera's automated TTL system and enables the flash illumination to be measured off the film plane rather than just by a sensor on the flash unit in what Metz calls "normal auto mode". The Hassy TTL flash system is more accurate - hence the cost of a 503 over the 501. The way to go!
With regard to the Ex 540 - I think you either have a 550ex or a 540 ez. I have the 550ex. That can be used on a Hassy in "manual mode" (setting on the 550) only, by attaching a standard x sync cable from the foot of the 550 to the x terminal on the Hassy lens. But you need not bother. The Metz and SCA is simpler and more accurate. I used to do that before I got a Metz. Leave the 550ex to you Canon system.
well ,it seem very nice of a Metz system. So any suggestion of selecting Metz flash light ? D40 have reflector ,does it provide more balanced soft light than others ? Thanks for teaching me so much ~
As a Metz user for over 30 years,I don't use anything else. I would suggest for durability and adapterbility the CL/CT45.(and portability) This fits all cameras I have owned in the past and there are or will be adapters to cover future aquisitions. e.g. it fits my Leica 111B and also provides all functions other than zoom reflector on my Contax 645
You should also know that it provides a guide number of 45 at the 35mm reflector setting(fixed) and has wide angle and telephoto adapters available.Some of the later iterations by Metz (their 54 and 70 series for ex&le) have higher guide numbers, but when you read the specs. you'll notice that these guide numbers are quoted for a 50mm lens. This equates to 50mm and 80mm lenses for your 6x6 Hasselblad format.
I have recently bought the METZ 70-MZ5, plunging to Hasselblad (TTL 503CW), via SCA 390 . It proves to be an advanced piece of HW (follow-on for 50 MZ).
A side advantage is that I can easily use it with another set SCA 3402 to my Nikon's. Versatile choice, still learning to use it both ways.
Hi all
Hi Simoneg

I have the the same(i.e:Metz 70-MZ5, SCA 390), but I have dificulty in using my lenses @ narow apertures(from f/11 to f/32). The TTL indicator inside my 503CW, always giving me UNDERexposure, although all the setting on the flash LCD & my lens in use, are correct. I tested the maximum output of my Metz 70-MZ5(in dark area, with Sekonic light meter adjusted to 1/60s), & I found it 64(i.e: G.N = 64, not 70).Also, the batery was charged fully. The resuled negatives, are clearly under.
Dear, are you facing the same problem?
What do you think?
I'm appreciating any help.
Best regards.
I'm not yet fully acquainted with using my new 70MZ flash on Hasselbald.
Please go and read the User's Manual (pages 89-90): you'll see that GN is quoted according to your lens type. At std ISO100, it ranges from GN=70 (with a 105mm lens ... in 24x36 format, to a much lower GN=30 with a 20mm lens (depending on the angle of lighting needed to get a right exposure, balanced all across the subjet surface needing illumination). When you try shooting with MF 40 to 80mm lenses, this may lead to underexposures. Am I right or just confused ? Emile

MF 40 to 80 mm lenses are (more or less) equivalent in angle of view with 24 to 50 mm lenses in 35 mm format (to find out the "equivalent" values, divide the MF (6x6) focal length by 1.6, or multiply the 35 mm format focal length by 1.6).
Set your flash accordingly.

You'll see that the GN is quite sufficient. No problem.
Thanks Emile
Thanks Qnu
Appreciating your contributions.
My problem is concerning my 503CW camera(i, think). The LED indecator in its finder(waist level) does not giving correct exposure beeb @ narrow apertures. I used different focal lengths(from 50mm to 180mm)getting the same results(under exposure)@ narrow apertures. I, also confirmed that on instant polaroids. It gives 1/2 to 1 f/stop under exposure. At the same time, my Sekonic light meter(located @ the center of flash emission light, as precise as possible), was indecating 1/2 to 1 f/stop over exposure(over the used aperture).
According to Sekonic meter, the flash is doing its work.
According to the 503CW meter, the flas is not doing its work.
The polaroids, are going with the 503CW meter.
Using SCA 3402 with the same flash, on my Nikon F5, is a kind of pleasure. It works perfectly like SB 28 or even better.
My Sekonic light meter, is very comparable to the 3D matrix metering(& spot meter) that built in the finder of my F5.
Now, I left only with the 503CW meter. But, it indecated the exposures I have got it on polaroids,correctly.
So, from where is the mistake???
Does the Metz 70-MZ5, need power pack, to give its full power???
The best maximum power I get it from my Metz 70-MZ5, is the equivalent to f/64, only.
I heard that any flah will not give the maximum theoritical power. Is that correct???
I'm the real confused.

Appreciating your help.
Best regards.
This is a complete Newbie question:

I have just purchased the Hasselblad flash. Now can someone tell me how I meter this? I understand that changing the ASA number on the 503cw body will change the intensity of the flash, but is this reflected in a test flash for metering?

What is the usual process people follow for the flash use?


Changing the ISO speed on the camera is all you'll have to do, yes.
The electronics in the flash unit will adjust flash output (metered using the sensor inside the camera) accordingly.

You can do a test-flash using the rear camera cover with the gray patch on it.
(The thing Hasselblad once claimed would not work... >8( then (almost ten years later) produced anyway... But that's another story.)
Just a word of warning Hasselblad has now discontinued the SCA 390.

Went looking on ebay etc prices being asked were between £45 and £145.

Just bought my new 503w cwd +40mm in Madrid with a metz 76 mz-5

Seems this needs a SCa 390 and a SCA 300a combination.

Seems as though I am in for some fun.

Will be back for some help no doubt.

OH Best prices anywhere for the cwd and anything photographic.

Just look at the prices on the site includes Vat.

My 503cwd was less than £8000 including the flash and some bits.

Great guy there 'Harry'. Peter

Paul, our esteemed moderator, has some SCA390 lying around. I recently bought one from him. I also tested a bunch for him using a Metz 60CT4. A SCA300a cable I bought for just a couple of EURO at a recent photographica fair.


NB: if someone has a spare 60CT4 flash-head available for sale please let me know. I have the SCA stuff now, but not a SCA capable flashhead, only a CT1.
How they can discontinue the Metz SCA ? It is sold about 50 time the prize of production and it take no place at all.
I'm confused. Who discontinued the Metz SCA 390? Isn't that a Metz product?

Peter, a 503CWD and flash was $16,600. ?

Wow, the 503CWD is $10,990. in the US. ... which would leave $5,600 to buy the flash with : -)

Economic principle ended the SCA 390.
This adapter is made by Metz exclusively for Hasselblad.
When sales volume goes down Hasselblad decided not to order a new batch of these adapters from Metz.

With every new pricelist the number of available items for the V series becomes smaller.
It is up to us users of the V system to keep it alive by buying new items from Hasselblad.

Now that they are both obsolete I will think about a new price for the SCA 390 and SCA 590 adapters I have.
I am sure I can give you some change from $5.600.....
What do you use a SCA 390 adapter for? What does it look like?

I may have a pile of them squirreled away someplace ... although, after my assistants "reorganized" my studio, I'll be lucky if I can find the 503CWs : -)
The SCA 390 adapter is used to make TTL possible with any torch that is compatible with the SCA 300 system meaning Metz torches and Quantum units that support TTL flash.

The SCA 590 is for the older 500 system like Metz 45CT5 and 60CT2

Hasselblad flash equipment like the D40 and the 4504 has a built in adapter.

So Marc do not make a mess of the studio by looking for those adapters as you do not need them with the D40.