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Thanks and goodbye

Paul Kirchhoff (Polypal) wrote on May 04:

' 2007 - 2:24 pm,'

Well Paul
My experience is that the M8 is fantastic for portraits. the standard 50mm lens works out at 67mm and that gives a very nice perspective.

Some of my pics are on
Well Simon Marc QG Gilbert and all
Thank you so much
Have a great weekend and good light to you all

I have always said , that the time will come where some guys will regret , that they sold their good Hassy gear .
Welcome back home in Hassy land .

Good light . Jürgen
> [Someone please explain why I am getting so many emails? I subscribed to > the forum recently but not this email thread! Ive got like 20 today alone= . > Can someone remove me please?]
Hello David,
You need to check you settings in your profile as to what you want or do not want to receive.
I recommend that you tick to receive everything though as there is much to be learned from the many interesting posts and you can join in!
Best wishes,
Isidor, the images I have seen from the M8 are indeed excellent. I think Marc uses his at weddings so it will be interesting to hear his views on it.

Re the SCA adapter, in addition to what the others said, have a look at Leica's web site and check the flash specs for the M8 - they tell you what adapter/s enable its TTL flash.
.... Oh and Isidor I forgot to say that I think parting with your XPan towards an M8 is a decision you may regret - 2 very different cameras. I think it is safe to say that there may never be another Xpan!

Whilst cropping M8 images to a panorama may seem an alternative, it will not be, due to the smaller image area limiting enlargement size. Even a cropped 35mm neg was no substitute for the XPan's 1.8x 35mm frame.

I use my XPan along side my M7 as well as my Hasselblad 6x6.