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Thanks and goodbye


Well I am writing to tell you that I have done the previously unthinkable and sold my Hassy gear. (for a suprisingly resonable sum all things considered). I am not in the league to purchase medium format digital and the prospect of second hand pro used first generation gear (which realistically is what i might afford) is not tempting. I am extremely impressed with the Leica M8 and it does everything I need for portraits. I would however take this opportunity to thank all those who have been kind enough to offer help and advice. I would like to think that I may also along the way have contributed a little too. Marc please write a book sometime. Ill certainly buy one.
Happy shooting for 2007
Best wishes
Richard Marks
Good luck Richard; but, I am sorry to hear your news. I wish you well and thank you for your contributions. Regards, Simon.

Nice photograph.

There is no need to leave, so why go? It is your interest in MF photography, not your property that is important. Frankly, I wouldn't care if you only owned a disposable camera and were ready to discard it.


Yes, experience is more than owning the stuff.

And I will make a prediction ...

You'll come back with "Hassey in hand" : -)

I've already produced over 1000 shots with the Leica M8 (portraits and weddings).
It's great. I love it. It is not a Hasselblad. When the CFV back is selling for under $5,000. there will be a lot of people coming back.

Are you doing strobe work with the M8 also? I have a recommendation if you are.
Eyes lit up when it was mentioned that the CFV would come in under $5,000, will be trying to get Hasselblad to get it under £5,000 including VAT then others may be interested.

The present 503CW is still in pristine condition so could not consider selling, if anything have started purchasing accessories which are 'Cheap as chips' and add to the system. Most colleagues use 503s with high definition digital backs for their studio work so the V system has many years left in it.

all the best, Carl
Hi Marc
Interesting prediction. Medium format print film processing is definately on its last legs in the UK. Its slow expensive and not very reliable. My options at the time i switched were an expensive medium format scanner or a digi camera. The price of medium format digital backs is still well out of my reach. Who knows what the future holds. I still shoot a lot of black and white medium format but use my Rolleiflex which is an absolute pleasure.
I am very impressed with the M8 and for portraits it does all that i currently need.
Medium fomat digi backs need to be under £2,000 to tempt me, and even then for hand held candid the M8n would give it a pretty good run for its money!
I would be indebted for your advice regarding a strobe for use with an M8. This is uppermost on my want list. Im shooting a kids music festival soon and was hoping to get by with daylight, but the room looks pretyt dark!
Best wishes
Hi Richard,

For TTL with the M8 you have to look to Metz, or use the Leica branded SF24D which is made by Metz for Leica ( I use this one myself for M8 wedding work .... but mostly as fill with speedy M optics). I always use a diffuser on the SF24D ... one of Lutz's S-Fills that he designed for the smaller flashes.

If TTL isn't a need, then a number of more modern flashes will do on Auto. Just read up on the M8's electrical limitations since some older flashes could fry your camera.
Hi Marc
I was thinking that the SF24 would be OK but not sure about the quality of the available diffusors also by this time there is quite a significant poser loss. The other unit i was thinking about would be a 54Mz4 i type of thingy. The only thoughts on this are that rpobably the ballance will be a bit out.
I'm pretty sure you need the SF-24D "D" !!!!

I have a 54 for use on the DMR and other cameras. It is way out of wack for the M8, but hey, it depends on how much flash work you do.

If I may, the 53MZ which is essentially the same as the 54MZ and it was shown in a Leica brochure on an M7, I believe. From my handling of an M8 I think it would be fine. Also being taller it helps prevent red-eye. It also has a self-contained diffuser and auto zoom.

Good Luck:

PS I own both and I do like them.
Thanks Guys
I think Im going to have to try out both options. It would really anoy me if the flash unit stops the camera from hanging in a neutral position. I agreee the 54 MZ is a bit OTT on an M8, but I just wish the SF24 had a tiny bit more umph!
Marc A. Williams (Fotografz) wrote on January 05:

' 2007 - 1:13 pm,'
Well Marc
Have just completed aquisition of a hassy again.
Ive landed a 4 year old 503CW and a12 back and a slightly older but good 80cf so I am back in business again! No regrets about selling up to get an M8 though and I have gradually bought back for about 2/3 of what I sold for and have a newer camera to boot! The a12 back I got today (have had the body and lens clicking away aimlesly for a couple of months, urgently shot a roll of black and white and developed it to check the spacing, alls well and lovelly pics just like old times. I have certainly missed by Hassy!

Incidentally thanks for your advice regarding flash guns for the M8.I went with the SF24 and its absolutely fine for fill flash, but the TTL mode is a bit of a pain with a big pre flash and nasty shutter lag so I tend to use the apperure mode.
Welcome back from a relative newcomer, Richard. I'd echo what others said before, its your knowledge, not your equipment, that makes you an asset to the board. I am a sailor as well as a photographer and that has proven true on the sailing boards I go to also. While I've been shooting with everything from 35mm to 4x5 for about 50 years, my 'blad experience is limited and I appriciate the info posted by those who have been using the equipment for longer than I.
It will be short in time that I will swap my X-pan to M8.
I already ordered the 50mm 2.8
No news about the Boigon 21mm 4.5 to replace the swc I used with a lot of pleasure only one week ?

BTW. Is it possible to use TTL with Metz-Hasselblad-Proflash-sca-3502 and M8 ?

I am glad Marc was right when he predicted you would again find a
nice Hasselblad to work with.

What is your experience with the M8 for portraits?
I know it is off topic but I am curious to find out.

"Is it possible to use TTL with Metz-Hasselblad-Proflash-sca-3502 and M8 ?"

As long as the SCA-adapter is compatible with the SCA-300 system, the answer would be yes.
But i don't know; is the SCA 3502 adapter compatible with the SCA-300 system?
The SCA 3502 adapter and others from the 3000 series convert flash guns suitable for the 300 series to cameras that use digital to communicate.

The Proflash also works with any other camera provided the correct adapter,with exception of the 500 series, is used.