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Question about CFV digital back

I note some stock images of this back (when mounted on a 5oo series body) show something attached to the bottom of the back, while other stock images of the back by itself do not show this "thing." What is it? Is it a battery, and whatever it is, does it get in the way of mounting the camera on a tripod head?
Also, I note B&H is listing this back as "out of stock," and has raised their price from $8995 to $9995. Does anyone have any scuttlebut on the availability and pricing elsewhere?
Michael H. Cothran
It is the battery and it doesn't get in the way of mounting on a tripod. I bought mine from B&H when it was listed out of took about a week to get it. When I was looking, I couldn't find any discount price. There is a strong opinion on the site that you are better getting high priced backs from a full service Hassy dealer if possible. I am happy with my purchase, but I don't expect any hand holding from B&H.


There is also a support bracket to take up the battery , so that the back can be used with a SWC camera . Please note , that you need a short type quick release coupling . The older , long type , does not allow the camera with attached back to be mounted .

The price for the CFV back in Germany did not fall (very little only) , and the back is hard to get .
Here in the UK Robert White is now listing the CFV back for £5869 including VAT. Last month it was £7250. Anyone have any thoughts on why there has been such a huge reduction in price?
Hi all.

The CFV back is normally $9,995. in the US. Hasselblad had a recent promotion that reduced it to $8,995. Hasselblad recently extended that promotion through June 30th. No other promotion can be combined with it.

I recommend anyone wanting fist hand knowledgeable information and superb personal service get in touch with Jim Arnosky at City Lights Digital: Phone 248.589.9000

The price for this back is the same everywhere, the follow up service is not the same ... take my word for it : -)
The design with the batery outside of the back is a shame. Why not making a back with A-70 look all included or a "pola 100" look with very big screen.
Funy to imagine that the back was built to comemorate the 100years of Victor and then they discover that it sells by it self !
Who knows when it was realy on the market (not only demo models) and how many of them where sold yet.
I think it's late now to buy one because 2007 is the 50's of 500c body so this year a other back should apears.(?)
Perhaps a 48x48mm back with an "500d" body witch could transmit the data of new "CFD" lens and indicate the EV needed with a mesure of light as the 203 body could do. This update in 500 body should cost about 20$ in electronics and could justify higher prize and heps for a new start in Hasselblad production.
For the Europeans out there, combine the $ 8995 promo price in the US with the exchange rate for EURO to US$. Then get a cheap ticket and make it quickly to the US. While there, take the CFV for a extensive test drive down in Utah.

Wilko (dreams are nice, right? :)

The price for a CFV BACK in Germany is rather stable and is 10,000€ plus/minus 2-3% .
Reimporting the back from the U.S. means : price + shipping + tax (5-7%) + V.A.T.
If you calculate that , you can buy your back here in EUROPE .


Where have you seen that offer ?
I could imagine , that HASSELBLAD uses that strategy to get rid of the rest of their V-SYSTEM stuff . Most of the accessories are not available any more and #bay is the only market place .
I believe , if HASSELBLAD would sell the CFV back for a lower price , they could sell thousands of them .

I sincerely hope that these dramatic reductions in price are designed to sell many CFV and 503CWD units and to promote and strengthen the position of the 500 series in relation to the digital imaging market for now and for the future, rather than a strategy to sell off existing stock culminating in the last gasps for this historic series.

Time will tell.

That is an absolutely great offer . Nothing of the kind is seen here in Germany .
I have just ordered an ARCA SWISS CUBE C1 geared head at RobertWhite .
BTW . I have been to your homepage a couple of times . I like your images very much . great work.

Regards jürgen
Many thanks Jurgen, much appreciated.

I'm unclear as to whether these reductions in price and offers are directly from Hasselblad or are dealer offers from Robert White. I suspect that reductions of this order come directly from the manufacturer.
I saw that robertwhite also sell the 300 2.8 FE (?)... is this reality ?

Now special promotion here in Switzerland (?)
Keith, hi there, the reduction of the 500CWD came as much surprise especially as it now comes with a free 40mm lens. The back is also been reduced to £4,995 + VAT. Not too happy with that we just purchased it last month for £5,200 + VAT. They must have known about that.

The reductions usually come from Hasselblad uk direct so they must have known, will get onto them about it. Would imagine it is designed to sell off existing V systems as soon as possible as Hasselblad have made it clear they are onlyl interested in promoting the HD system ( taken from a meeting with the Chair of Hasselblad) Most dissapointed.

All the best Carl
BTW, if it's possible to buy new 503cwD it means that the limited 500 century kits are not sold yet. More than one year after.

I made it a golden rule for me , when I have bought any electronic equipment today , not to look for the price tomorrow .
If you do so , you will get mad , and if you decide to wait , you will be 80 years old till the price is what you are ready to pay .
Conclusion : Life and my photography is today , by tomorrow I could be dead .
(Hopefully not)
You are absolutely right Jurgen ........but surely not within a month......Hasselblad UK are seeing what they can do about the situation next week. They are usually good about these things and I do recall someone purchasing a HD1 when a HD2 was announced and got a good response (something like that anyway). best wishes
Jürgen Loob (Jotloob) wrote on May 11:

' 2007 - 6:15 pm,I made it a golden rule for me , when I have bought any electronic equipment today , not to look for the price tomorrow .
If you do so , you will get mad , and if you decide to wait , you will be 80 years old till the price is what you are ready to pay .
Conclusion : Life and my photography is today , by tomorrow I could be dead .
(Hopefully not)'

I came to that conclusion about photography equipment when it was still mechanical.

Then I discovered that the philosophy applied to computers.

"The more things change, there is nothing new under the sun."
A brilliant philosophy which we should all adopt to keep us sane.