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introduction helpguide manual



Hi, I have just purchased a Hasselblad 500 CM by ebay.
Can anyone help me with a introduction/ helpguide with this camera?

>Sure, what do you want to know? >-You have mirror lockup with the button under the winder >-You will want a ambient/flashmeter for indoor or portrait shooting and >spot meter(or an slr) for outdoor >-The lens has the shutter in it, there is a flash X-synch up to 1/500 >-There is a self timer if you set the lens to "V" and the switch on the >shutter button to "T" >-Don't forget to make sure both the shutter and body are cocked before >removing or putting a lens on the camera, or you will jam it. >-When the darkslide is in the film back, the camera will not snap a picture. >-When the darkslide is not in the back, you cannot remove the back from >the camera >-Don't force anything!!! You could break it.
>Glad to see that someone else remembered Hilde. I have a manual for the 500C/CM and I scanned the pages. I then tried to make a PDF file, but it was so lackiing in detail that I gave up. Hilde, if you are reading (any= one else, too), I'd be glad to send you the full size jpegs of the manual. I= f you are on modem, it will take about two minutes, ADSL, faster.

Cheers and good luck.

RE: The manual for 500C/CM. Sorry gals and guys, but I bit off more than I can chew! Right now I am sending a copy to someone who asked and it is taking forever! Ten minutes and not even 50% so far. It would be cheaper for me to send a Xerox by snail mail. Surely there is a copy of this somewhere on the web.

I will continue to work on a better PDF.


I bought a copy of the manual on ebay for 10 bucks. You can also find actual manuals for a little more. My original manual is lost in the garage somewhere - in a few years I'll find it when I'm looking for something else.
Hello again!

I have a problem. Yesterday I picked up my first roll of 120-film from the lab, and what a dissapointment... All I got was a long stripe of unexposed film. I´m almost certain that I loaded the magazine right (A12) and the film was taken up by the take up-spool.
When I got home I tested the camera without the magazine attached and it works like it should.
What have I done wrong?

It is in fact possible that I put the film upside down and then the backside of the film must have been exposed.
Is it only possible to expose one side of the film?

That´s all for now. I hope you can enlighten me!

/Mattias A
>Hi Mattias, > I can understand your disappointment so well! I too have received my=20 first roll back from the lab and all the pictures were underexposed and=20 some of them were blank. I am sorry to say that I can't help you with the problem but I can't=20 imagine something went wrong with loading the film. It isn't really=20 possible to get the film in the wrong way, is it? If I do something=20 wrong with loading ( I am a beginner) then I can't get it to wind up.=20 There must be some experts here that are able to help you. Kind regards, Hilde
Yes it is possible to load a Hasselblad back incorrectly. Carefully read the manual and sacrifice a 120 roll to practice with.

But before that, take the back off and fire the camera to see if everything is working.
> If you put in the film with the paper side towards the lens than you will notice this immediatly because no arrow will appear (the one that has to be aligned with a mark on the magazine insert) on the paper when winding forward. Maybe the timing of your shutter is wrong. Look through the camera from behind with the magazine taken off and release the camera. Can you see light falling through the camera? If not, well then you have a problem.

Hi again

The indicator on the magazine (A12) that tells you how much of the film that has been advanced, the one that becomes red, is not advancing as much as I think it should. I´ve taken 5 pictures and then the indicator should be almost half filled with red. Right? But it´s not. I can only see a tiny bit of red.
Please help me with this. Thanks!

Sincerely Mattias Almén
hi mattias,your indicator on your A 12 is off ,it is a problem within the film Insert which needs to be adjusted.( red /white disk is out of alignement) i have repaired many of A12/A24 backs for the same problem.Give me a call or email

juergen kuschnik
Cell 1 805 427-3929

Thanks for the information Jürgen! But it´s not out of alignment, it´s just a bit slow. So, the problem is solved. Thank you!


I am new and your question is a bit old, but I feel that I should respond. You are right. You can put the film in the holder upside down and the film will not expose.

Note,as a check, when you place the film across the plate to the empty spool you should see the “black" side of the paper leader, not if (Kodak) the yellow side. I sure hope you still enjoy your camera.