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FUC The Kodak Ektar 135mm parade


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For all lovers of the vintage HASSELBLADs 1600F/1000F , here is a rare parade of the Kodak Ektar 135mm lens .

From left to right you can see the

ET303 , ET817 , ET 1252 and the RS5040 .
All ET serial number lenses are built in 1949 and the RS5040 was built in 1957 .

While ET303 and ET1252 will still get serviced , the ET817 had a CLA . Unfortunately , there is a fingerprint inside the rear lens . Paul , his technician and I , were puzzling , how that fingerprint got there .
To remove that fingerprint is possible , but with the risk of destroying a lens . So , I decided to leave the fingerprint where it is and not to get the DNA , to find the guy who did that .

The rightmost lens , the RS5040 , was aquired by Paul on my behalf and was personally delivered to Paul , who met the seller at a photofair .
The lens was never used and is in a mint+++ state . The only service it got , was lubericating the focussing thread , because , after 50 years , that service is a must .

The ET817 and the RS5040 will hopefully soon be inhabitants of my glas cabinet and join my other vintage HASSELBLAD cameras .

More images will then follow .

View attachment 499

I hope , you enjoy this image as much as I do .

Regards Jürgen
Most collectors would be quite happy with the "finger print" lens.
It is a very small defect that shows only at the rim of the second lensgroup.
Quite possible it does not influence images. Stopped down 1 stop it will not show for sure.

1949 must have been a good year for Ektar lenses.
ET 303 and ET 1252 have metric distance scales.
ET 817 and RS 5040 both have imperial scales.


I found some extra room for ET 817 and RS 5040.
They are invited to stay a little longer, no problem.

so I am left with the ugly one (ET 1252) if nobody else likes it.

Fine with me :) It will bang around in my photo bag anyway.

Fine with me :) It will bang around in my photo bag anyway.

Ulrik shall I send you a lens wrap ? ? ?:z04_2171:

PM me your address and I will send you two pairs of adapter screws .
I call them HASSELBLAD gold nuggets .

Hello Ulrik,

Keep in mind your Ektar may not be the most handsome it is still a very good lens without any "finger prints".
Maybe not the most handsome but it came with an as new rear lens cap.

I have tried to do a magical trick but somehow it was noticed by the technician. He took the picture and could not be fooled by a fast switch of lens caps.
These lenses should be used and belong in a camera bag.

I am planning a special commemorative trip for my 1600F to Sweden.
That means both 80 and 135 mm Ektars will come along in the company of the Zeiss Distagon.




ps The 1600F in the picture just needs finishing. It enjoyed a little Dutch sunlight and will be ready next week to make the trip to Sweden.


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I wish you a good trip to Sweden. I did that this summer and my 1000F did work as it is supposed to do. The backup body was never used. But do not expect Swedish people to recognize your treasures. I met only one man who approached me because of the camera and that was someone who was involved in restoring and operating narrow gauge trains on Gotland. I guess your route will differ from mine as we (which includes a couple of children)mainly followed the traces of Astrid Lindgren (to those on the other side of the Atlantic: this is the best authoress of children books of the last millenium ).

Oh yes, I know that I can trust this technican.

Hello Ulrik,

Your children must have had a great experience to follow the tracks of Astrid Lindgren.
I was part of the crew that made a film after the books of Dick Laan a well known Dutch author of childrens books.
This film was recorded on HD video and later transferred to film.

Many years after that I was working with a young crew and we talked about special projects. This video/film transfer was quite special in those days.
Knock out for me was when the cameraman said: " I remember that film very well. I went to see that film with my father when I was seven years old."
Although still young at hart it made me realise that time flies.

Older cameras become personalities after a while.
The user gets to know what these cameras do not like and also what they do like.

The sensible thing to do is to take a 1000F body along as back up.
Although it feels like a motion of distrust it is rationally the sensible thing to do.

It might help to pack the 1000F in a separate camera bag.......


Carl Zeiss 60 mm Distagon lens.

Not a Kodak lens but a not so often found Distagon lens.
Recently bought in almost as new condition.

With a couple of Tessars, a Distagon, Sonnars 135 and 250 the Carl Zeiss range for early Hasselblads is almost complete.
The lens missing is the rare 250 F4 lens. Only made in small quantities and difficult to find in good condition.

As new nice or not so nice all older equipment is welcome as long as it is in good working order or can be restored to that condition.
More on Carl Zeiss lenses for early Hasselblads in a little while.

Here you have a family photo of the vintage ZEISS lenses for the HASSELBLAD 1600F/1000F cameras .

The second silver liner lens from the left is the so called pancake TESSAR .
That lens has a feets focussing scale . All others have a metric scale .
Both silver barrel lenses are 2,8/80mm lenses .

View attachment 540

And here is the vintage HASSELBLAD equipment for bird-watching .
Might be , that VICTOR used that lens as well for his bird-watching passion .
In his later years Victor vsited the Galapagos Islands. In this case a 250 mm lens is indeed good for photographing birds. E.g. a Blue-footed Booby taken from 2.5 m distance with a 250 mm Sonnar looks great (unfortunately the 250 mm lens that I used for this occasion had some "blackouts"). On other locations 250 mm are often a bit on the short side.

Jürgen, great to see your collection. I am still looking for a good 4/250 for my 1600 F- and 1000 F-cameras (and no, I will not paint this one zebra-stylish as camouflage ).

Best Regard
This is addressed to the moderator


Can you please explain , why the images posted , although they meet the specs , have become so small ? ? ?
Am I doing something wrong here ? ? ? Do I have to set some parameters , which might have changed ? ? ?


I have obviously found the solution .
Is it correct to click on the image to see the original size ? ? ?
As I have been abscent for some time , I did not notice this change .
Can you please explain in more detail ? ? ?
Would be nice .


I have only a very small collection . My passion is , to have all from the finest , or as fine as possible .
I now have all lenses from KODAK and ZEISS which were officially available for the 1600F/1000F cameras .
I do not go for OEM lenses .

Here a small image of my new glas cabinet .

View attachment 543

Please do not zebra paint a HASSELBLAD again . I am shure , I will suffer a heart attac .

Only the latest picture!

Hello Jürgen,

Only the latest picture from a subject is displayed at full size.

Your picture does not show the latest additions to your exquisite collection made at the beginning of this week. :z02_mod_boese:

I am sorry Jürgen. I was surprised too to find out it takes two mouseclicks to see images as they are supposed to be uploaded.

I will ask Dirk what is going on.
To me the latest update of the software is not a great succes.
Any close up of the cable hook will be inserted full size of course!

It is a similar lenscap.
The Distagon lens came with both front and rear caps from a very careful owner in France.

The lens cap you found is now mounted on the 135 mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar.
That lens was found at a camera fair in Antwerp.
Instead of a front cap it came with a 80 mm shade for the Tessar or the Kodak Ektar.

It takes a while but the collection of lenses, shades and caps is becoming more and more complete.
. . . . . . . . . . (unfortunately the 250 mm lens that I used for this occasion had some "blackouts"). On other locations 250 mm are often a bit on the short side.


What do you mean by . . . . . had some "blackouts" ? ? ?

I know , that the 4/250 is very hard to get , at least in a very good condition .

Hi Paul--

I must second your suggestion that this new software is not very successful. I still have to Log In every tiime that I come back to look at the forum even if I tick the remember me box. Very agrivating indeed. It has caused me to only look at the forum once or twice a day.

Hi Jurgen--

Good to see that you are back on the forum. My I must say that your new glass cabinet and especially its contents are simply mouth watering. Paul had best carefully watch your acquisitions or you will creep up on his vast collection.

Jürgen, sometimes the shutter of the 250 mm C-lens performed as it should, sometimes it did not open at all. This became worse from roll to roll. Unfortunately the lens worked at home and the fault occurred during a long trip to Ecuador. Fortunately I used also other lenses, so the loss was not too bad.

The repairman of the store where I bought the lens tried to repair it twice but with no success. So I returned it. My current 250 mm lenses are all fine.