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First walkabout with the CWD


Love it. Today, I went for a walk around the northern suburbs of Copenhagen.
My experience so far, is that complex compositions are harder to get to look nice, while simple objects with plain backgrounds simply look wonderful no matter what you do. I like the last one.

Received my 50mm CFi from KEH today as well (mounted on camera), the 80mm beside it. Only took the 50mm along with a polarized filter for the day.
tak Marcus,

jeg havde naesten glemt hvor dejligt danmark ser ud

A Dane Down Under

PS: I had almost forgotten how wonderful Denmark looks
sorry to hijack,

how would I go with a 503CW and a couple of CF lenses, would I be ok with the CFV digital back?
What trouble would I get myself into if any?

I am slowly developing a relationship with my blad! being a Canon-man mainly which is a great outfit, but there is just something about the Blad, something magic

tak / thanks


Looks like you are a well on your way! Nice stuff and I agree with Marc about the bicycle!


Your 503CW and CF lenses will go fine with the CFV back - no mods required.

My 503CW and CF lens kit are just waiting for me to have the bucks needed to provide a CFV a very good home!

A CFV will go fine with your 503CW.

However, it is possible that you could run into focus issues if your body and lenses are not close to factory tolerances - especially if you shoot with wider apertures. And there is no way to shim or adjust your CFV in the field (and I don't think even in the factory). In some cases you could be looking at having to send your entire kit in for re-calibration to factory defaults, which can be expensive.

That is one advantage I see to the 503CWD. While, yeah it's nice to have the Anniversary Edition, blah, blah, the real advantage of the 503CWD is that everything is new and it will be highly likely that your focus will be dead on the mark.

Focus accuracy is one of the least talked about but most prevalent issues when shooting digital medium format.

Best of luck.

Steve Hendrix
Thanks Simon and Steve,

I too am waiting or trying to scrape the fund together, but it is atm a rather steep hill :)

Yes, focusing! Hmm, that is certainly not something I had thought would be a problem, which is probably explained by that it isn't talked about too much, good point.

I think if the cost of 503CWD isn't too great over just CFV, then it makes sense to get the whole package, but...that hill is currently mighty big and I will probably not be able till the next generation comes out, but I am keeping my eyes out for one.

thanks again - you guys here are just great

The reason I bought the CWD package was that I'm getting it for 11,000 versus essentially the same package for 13,600 (503CW + CFV + 80mm lens).

Henrik, du skulle overveje at købe dit udstyr når du er i USA engang. Det er næsten halv pris. Jeg tror næsten det er billigere at købe fly billet til New York, tage i B&H og købe et CWD og tage hjem igen, end det er at købe den samme pakke herhjemme. Bonus er jo, at du kan få en weekend i NYC.
Focus accuracy issues haven't been reported by anyone using a CFV on 500 or 200 series cameras that I know of. I use my CFV on four different Hasselblad cameras, ( including a 203FE with a 110/2 mounted), and the focus is spot on for all four.

Shims have sometimes been necessary for digital backs that can be adapted to various makes of MF cameras. However, the CFV is a dedicated back in the same manner that the film backs are. If there is a focus issue with a camera you will have it when using film also.

The point is, that if you already have a Hasselblad camera(s) there is no need to pay for yet another one. If you don't, then the 503CWD is a good deal.
Good point about focus accuracy Steve. Also, I liked your web site!

You're welcome and good luck Henrik.
Thanks everyone

thanks that is very reasuring, it would kind of defeat the purpose of the back if it would not fit will with the older camera's IMHO


:) det lyder meget godt, men jeg bor i Perth, Western Australien :) og det er da ikke fordi jeg vil klage, men vi er ret langt vaek fra alting, til gengaeld betaler vi ikke saa meget it skat som i Dannevang. Men min bror bor i Arizona, saa maaske kan han organiser een.
Er Priserne generalt hoeje derhjemme, jeg troede at det var begyndt at blive bedre, jeg har dog ikke vaeret hjemme sinde 1994..som tiden dog gaar

Post more pictures!

A Dane Down Under
Perth, WA, AUS, The most isolated Capital City in the World

CWD pakken i USA koster som sagt 11.000 USD = 59.000 DKK + sales tax, mens et CWD i Danmark koster 97.000 DKK excl. moms. Så der er en verden til forskel.
I øvrigt var jeg i Australien i sommers. Super sted, men langt væk herhjemme fra.

Here's a few pictures I took in Australia with my Leica D-lux 3.



"And there is no way to shim or adjust your CFV in the field (and I don't think even in the factory). In some cases you could be looking at having to send your entire kit in for re-calibration to factory defaults, which can be expensive. "

Hasselblad UK will calibrate a CFV back to several bodies as part of the purchase deal. They offered to ensure that my 503Cx and my SWC were in tune.

Just curious, why do you think the CFV has to be shimmed or calibrated to your camera?

It's seems to be discussing a problem that doesn't exist. Even if it did exist, if you are using different cameras, how would they calibrate the back for all of them?

How do you calibrate your different film backs to all your bodies?
Hi Marcus,

Great photos - but I can't get over the price difference, then who am i kiddin :) of course I can! its Denmark!!!

Jeg kan huske at prisen paa min Canon 1Ds var 30-40% dyrer i DK end det var her i Oz. For slet ikke at tale om objektiver!

Selvom tingene her er dyrt, saa lyder 15.000 ikke like saa meget some 60.000 :) det er lidt underligt nogen gange at taenke paa. Men jeg blev osse smidt ud af NielsBrook :-/

"How do you calibrate your different film backs to all your bodies?"

The rep talked about putting shims in the backs. I presume bodies are made to the same tight tolerences, but film planes certainly vary in film backs and need calibration.

Mirrors vary in position as the rubber cushions harden, a fact I learned at my expense with my original 500C. Perhaps this is the weak spot in the system?

There must be a tolerance on the plane of focus on the CVF, however small?

Perhaps,there are several dimensions that might need to be brought back to standard to make a CFV set-up as perfect as can be.

I'm not suggesting there is a point for concern here and the Hasselblad Regional Manager might have been selling against the idea of buying the product at a much lower price in the USA and importing it in a suitcase. :) It's still about £14,000 here including sales tax.