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Epson Perfection V 750M Pro


Hi all;
I've already ordered the flatbed Epson Perfection V 750-M Pro scanner. But since it is the 1st Pro scanner I'll own, I need to know more even before I use it.
This test is realy convencing:
I'm not expecting the same results as from drum scanner; but the V 750-M Pro can handle all film sizes, Very near(if not the same)in quality to dedicated film scanner, and coste only 775$.
Your openion and participation are greatly appreciated.
>Hi Thalmees and all others! Recently, i have Epson V700 in test, as i am working as consultant and contributing editor for some Czech electronic and printed media. As well as this is V700, which is considered to be not as high-end as V750, i am surprised with very good results, particulary in resolution and sharpness - and i expect far better results from V750 (which is not in sale in our region, dont know why

my best regards to all in this great list!

Kamil Tresnak Prague
it's better, but not much better then the 700. Yet you get decent software w/ 750. If you are only doing 35 mm, I would stay w/ dedicated film scanner. It does a better job with MF then 35
> Does anyone know of a comparison between the V700/V750 and the > Nikon Coolscan 8000/9000ED? Quality of scans, etc?
Kamil; appreciate your help & real life experience with the scanner. Realy you reassure me. Thanks.
Knox; Thanks for participation. I have films(Negs & Chromes) from 35mm to 4"X5" format. IMO this is the point behind the great VALUE(Quality/Price)of this scanner over any other scanner(OF ALL KINDES) in the market today.
Robert; Look here please:
and proceed to page 6.
Look here also: (Flexitight is vertual drum scanner).
Apart from the detailed test of the generous Vincent Oliver, I could not find any othe tests. If you find please tell me. Thanks.
Thanks all.
> There is a liquid mount adapter available from a 3d party for the > Coolscan 8000 but it is pricey. Getting an Epson might make more > sense.
Knox wrote: " I have a Nikon SuperCoolscan 5000. I use it for 35. It's a noticeable dfference (for 35)"
Knox; no body can claim that flatbed scanner(of any type) can get better results than that from dedicated film scanner of the same technology age.
SuperCoolscan 5000 is a great dedicated film scanner; can produce excellent results; But at what price level(980$ for 35mm format only scanner: If you go for the better multi format scanner, you have to pay 1850$(see please same URL).
At the same time EP V750-M Pro or EP V700 Photo can handel all film format up to 8"X10" and @ quality near to that you get it from the dedicated film scanners and for much lesser mony.
I believe that the comparison should be on the printed photos rather than on the screen.
Anyhow I submet my order today and if there is any disapointment from my side I'll be around to report it.
Robert; the fluid mount tray is supplied with the EP V750-M Pro. I'm expecting it will serve me in scanning my MF and 4"X5" B&W negatives. The availability of the fluid it self is a problem to me actually. IMO the fluid mount tray is another advantage to be added to the VALUE of EP V750-M Pro.
Thank you all.
Yes . . . but the Nikon 5000 which is basically the same as what I have is under the price of the 750, BUT as you say, it will do 35 only. I am sure you will be very happy with it. I got confused somehow in my replies here . . . I forgot you were doing multi formats.
>Hi Thalmees and others in thread,

in few first days of August i will have chance to compare Nikon 8000 vs V700 head to head in second test, will report about results (later in September maybe V750 come to me, but this is yet long time from now... best regards,

Kamil Tresnak
You're welcome. If this test is correct then the Epson is really behind the dedicated film scanners.

However it looks a little like a focusing problem to me.

Perhaps with Doug Fisher's holder you can achieve better results:
Mind you, Amateur Photographer in the UK is due to test it this month. Their tests are pretty authoritative so it will be interesting to see what they think.
Looking forward to the tests ... I am also considering either 700/750 or a dedicated film scanner (Nikon, Minolta)