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Critical Focusing with Digital and Flexbody


New Member
I have the 503CW and the Flexbody. Using Phase P45Plus back on both. Finding I need a more critical focusing method for both bodys. Have the WLF and the RM2.

Anybody come up with something that make it easier to get a sharper focus defined? I've found that the focus is far more critical and must be right with digital backs on Flexbody or the 503CW.

The RMFx focusing hood is good for the Flexbody. An even higher magnificati on is available with the DP focusing hood. You'd need to make custom diopte rs for these hoods if your eyesight is not perfect.

You can use a monocular. I have used the Zeiss 5x x 10mm upside down(microscope mode) Adjust the monocular to the focusing screen and then adjust the lens. An easy way to set the monocular is to point your camera toward a light colored (white) wall unfocused then adjust the monocular to the screen. Now you are ready to focus.

If you come by PM 45 and can't find the 2x flip eyepiece, you can use a Zeiss 3x x 12mm monocular with the binocular adapter, the monocular will fit squarely in the eyepiece cup so you can use focus on the screen then, just focus.


I'm not familiar with a "DP" focusing hood. You you please define what "DP" stands for, etc?

Never heard of the DPS Mag. Hood. Where can we see one?

Jack, it seems strange that you aren't able to achieve critical focus with a WLF using the built in flip up magnifier. Are you sure you have the correct diopter?

Can you describe what is happening that you feel the need for better focus?

I say this because many backs need to be calibrated to the specific camera they are used on. There are "Shim" kits made for this very purpose. This is especially true for backs that use adapters to fit various cameras like the Phase One units.
Hello Jack.
I have been meaning to ask you how your Flexbody is going. Just moved house and have been flat out!!
I found the Waist Level Finder with the flip-up magnifier to give me the best magnification for focusing. I also could use my glasses pressed against the WLF to help my tired "old" eyes.
This was mainly for close-up table-top work too. Am i right that you will mostly be using the Flexbody for landscape?
All the best.
Hi Andrew,
Yes, using Flexbody strictly for landscapes where I'm after great depth of field without have to go to f22.

But I'm having problems getting sharp focus with either the WLF or the RM2. From the comments above maybe it's my eyes with near 61 years of staring into a finder that are failing.

You're right about the WLF - I seem to be getting sharper focus with that using the pop up verse the RM2 (even with the RM2 correctly adjusted.)

I did figure out what the 4x4 DPS is:

Seems like it would be the best for my work. At least worth a try if I can find one used in great shape.

From a non-digital photographer, does the Phase P45Plus need shims or an adapter to focus consistently and sharply with each camera body?

Have you set up each camera on a tripod, focused on ground glass and then attached the Phase P45Plus and take an image? If the ground glass image was sharply focused and the image is not, you will have found the source of the problem.

I am guessing that there is a systematic error of a mechanical nature as opposed to biological or the famous Operator Assisted Failure [OAF]*.


*Do not take the OAF as an insult, just my sense of humor.
Shims needed?

The Q&A copy blurb from MegaVision below says it best. If you google "Digital Back Shims", you will see it is often needed for the so called "Universal" digital backs.

As ex&le, I could never get my Kodak 645C back to focus the 80/2 @ f/2 on my Contax 645 ... I bought magnifiers, got the Contax WLF, nothing worked ... so I sent the entire rig (camera, 80/2, and digital back) to Kodak Digital and they shimed the back to perfection.

Here's the blurb:

Q: Although I am sure I focused properly with my camera, the image seems to be out of focus...

A: Your single-shot digital back may not be shimmed correctly. The digital back contains shims between the actual back and the adapter plate. Although MegaVision uses the specifications supplied to us by the various camera manufacturers (Hasselblad, Maymia, etc) AND tests each and every digital back before it leaves the factory, there still is a chance that your individual camera may be slightly different and require a custom fitting. This can be caused by simple use; your camera may "loosen up" a little after years of use. MegaVision offers to our customers a custom fitting service. If you send your single-shot digital back along with your camera (please include lens & view finder) to the factory we will custom shim your camera to correct specifications.

One of the reasons I like the so called "closed system" offered by Hasselblad is that the Back and camera are matched at the factory. I suspect ( hope ) this will be the case if you order a Hy6 camera from a digital back maker like Sinar or Leaf.
Just received the Hasselblad 4x4 DPS - looks like this will solve the problem!

Thanks to all for the feedback!

I could just aquire the last DPS I found on the net . Its new with full guarantee , but rather expensive . 415,00€ puuuuuuh . The DPS is not in production any more , as many other valuable accessories for the V-SYSTEM .

I actually found it on Ebay in auction. Used the buy it now option and paid $269 for it. It's in like new condition and does exactly what I needed done. I'm now using it on both my Flexbody and the 503CW. I can finally get a perfect focus with the P45+ back!

Thanks Jack, I'll keep an eye out for one. Want it for my Rollie 6X9 Xact that takes Hasselblad finders.

I have a flip magnifier on the 503CW meter prism, which solved the regular issue of critical focus for me.
Is there any way of using a flip-up viewfinder magnifier with a PME90 prism finder? The native 2x magnification is not quite good enough sometimes, and could do with some help.}
"I have a flip magnifier on the 503CW meter prism, which solved the regular issue of critical focus for me."

IS PART # 42459 right for a flip magnifier for the PME-45?


NO . The 3042459 is for the PM5 , PME5 and the PM90 .
For the PM45 or PME45 you would need 3042462 .