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CFV Shutter speed confusion - Help again!

Hi again. I'd like to get in one more question this evening, and this one concerns the CFV settings for shutter speeds.
The system shows "<1/8sec," which means "less than 1/8 sec," I know. However, I'm confused as to whether "LESS" mean slower or faster than 1/8 sec? I would presume that it means "faster" than 1/8, ie, from 1/15 thru 1/500. However, I've shot indoors on this setting as slow as 1/2 sec with no problems.
And if it means "slower," why bother to have all the additional incremental speeds from 1/4 down to 32 sec?
So I'm really confused here!
Michael H. Cothran

<1/8 sec means smaller (shorter) than 1/8 sec . That is 1/15 up to 1/500 for the 500 V-Serie cameras .
Even your indoor shots worked fine , I would always use the correct setting on the CFV BACK . The different settings are to properly synchronize the CFV BACK to the shutter speed .

Someone told me about using a sync cord instead of changing the settings inside the CFV, but did not go into any further detail. Jurgen - do you , or anyone else reading know anything about using a sync cord? I presume they're speaking of the PC flash sync cord bundled with the back.
Does it eliminate having to change settings?
I often shoot in lighting where I am in the neighborhood of 1/8 sec, and can fluctuate from one side of it to the other quickly. I don't want to watch the last light of the day fade away while I'm fiddling with CFV settings. Same thing if I'm bracketing 4-5 shots slower than 1/8 sec. I don't want to have to go back into the depths of the CFV menu between each and every shot. That's a little too much, if there's a way around it.

I have no experience with longtime exposures (longer than 1 sec) but in the users guide it says under the Flash Sync setting:

For use with non modified 200 series models (together with C-lenses in C-mode) an ARCBODY , a FLEXBODY or a View Camera with a HASSELBLAD adapter:
a) Make a Flash Sync setting .
b) The Flash Sync input cable (supplied) should be connected to the Flash sync in terminal . (the flash sync cable supplied , is the short curled cable)
All exposure times , including the B setting , function correctly without having to alter the "Exposure Time Setting" .

I hope this helps .

Regards Jürgen
Thanks for the info. This is exactly what I wanted to know. I would much prefer to use the sync cord, as opposed to diving into the depths of the menu to continually change the settings as I'm shooting.
Thanks so much.