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CFV Bundle Confusion over whatbs included

1. Hasselblad's website states that the CFV back comes with a 2 GB memory card, while all the mail order houses I've checked indicate a 1 GB card.
Anyone who has purchased one recently - what kind of a memory card did you get?
2. I cannot find any information on the focus screen that comes on the 503CWD, with the digital area etched in the glass. Can this screen be purchased separately for use in another 500 series body, and for that matter, is it really necessary or all that helpful?
3. I understand that the Sony battery is quite expensive (and not included in the bundle), but will give up to 8 hours of shooting. How long does it take this battery to recharge? I've always owned at least two sets of rechargeable batteries for various photographic equipment, but am wondering, again, if it is necessary here? Being a landscape photographer, I would not shoot nearly as much in an 8 hour span as would a wedding or commercial photographer, but on the other hand, I'd hate to experience a dead battery two or three miles down the trail, just when the light was getting good.
I appreciate your insights.
Michael H. Cothran

I bought the CFV / 503CW bundle 2 weeks ago from Shriro in Hong Kong. So, I can answer your questions based on my purchase.

Being all geared up for my 205FCC, I did not want the 503CW but the price differential between the bundle price and the CFV alone was so small that it made sense to pay the extra and sell the back. The 503CW is now on eBay (item number 110143565901) and hopefully will bring in a something to offset the CFV cost.

I took one shot with the back while still at Shriro's office (a lovely shot of my 4 year old daughter). So I have had one image to use to play with the back and the FlexColor software. But, apart from that, I am now in "wait mode" while my 205FCC body comes back from modifications.

Back to your questions:

1. It came with a San Disk Extreme III 2 Gb card. I bought one more.

2. The 503CW has a standard focus screen attached. In the CFV box there is a separate focus screen with thick black lines showing the coverage of the sensor. You could easily cut a thin black paper matt to the same size for use with other bodies.

3. No battery is included with the CFV. I bought 2 of the smaller L series batteries plus a charger from a Sony shop. They are not cheap but I always like to have a back-up for all batteries.

Peter, thanks for the response. I would like to trust that if the 2GB card and focusing screen are packaged inside the CFV box, that they would be in all CFV boxes, regardless of whether purchased with the 503CWD or by itself. I can't imagine Hasselblad doing otherwise, but my skepticism comes from the fact that no retailers I've found indicate these items in their "What's included" verbiage. Maybe I'll call Calumet or B&H and just ask! I plan to buy one anyway, but it would be nice knowing I'm getting a 2GB card rather than a 1GB, and that there is the etched screen also included. Again, thanks for your information.
Michael H. Cothran
PS - I too will buy at least one more card, and I presume I will also bite the bullet, and get a second battery.
Looking at the box that the CFV came in, there is nothing specific about the 503CWD bundle. It just says "CFV" on the outside. The "bundle" is two separate grey Hasselblad boxes. I think that it is purely a pricing thing. So, you should get everything that is in the standard list of included items.

The 1Gb verse 2Gb might be a function of when your purchased CFV was assembled and packed. If you buy from a store with a lot of turnover, it is more likely to be the latest and therefore include the larger memory card.

I was one of the first to get a CFV back came and it came with a 1 gig card, as did my H2D/22. My more recent H3D came with a 2 gig card. I'd guess all CFVs ship with a 2 gig now ... not that it makes any difference since CFs are so inexpensive these days. I now use a 8 or 12 gig card in the CFV, and a 16 gig card in the H3D/39.

Since I use the CFV on a 503CW and a 203FE, I ordered a second etched screen. For years I used a mask with square sensor backs and hated them. I personally like seeing outside the taking area as it shows what you might be missing and definitely helps with anticipating action shots. But that is strictly a personal thing.

The bundle also comes with a hard sensor cover, cleaning materials, Flexcolor (which is sure to be outdated, and need to be updated along with the camera's firmware), a case for the back, various sync cords for different camera applications in their own case, a firewire 800 to 400 cord for shooting directly to a computer screen, and the over-all Hasselblad case with shoulder strap.
Quote: I now use a 8 or 12 gig card in the CFV :Unquote

Thank you for that piece of info.

I was not sure what capacity card the CFV could support. So I bought a couple of 2Gb cards, figuring that, if that's what Hasselblad supplies, that's what should work. I could not find any reference to maximum supported capacity.

Can you please tell me exactly what brand and model 8Gb card you use in your CV. Then I can go shopping for something that I know works...

My CFV BACK came with a 2GB SANDISK extreme III card .
There is no hint anywhere in the downloadable documentation about what size of CF-Card the CFV can use . So I added an other two 2GB SANDISK extreme IV to my equipment .

As the question for the maximum CF-Card capacity could not be answered properly by my dealer and also not by HASSELBLAD people , I decided to get 2GB cards.
For my work , that is sufficient enough , as each card can store 87 images .

For Marcs work , 2GB cards shurely do not have enough space and he would despair of this situation , when shooting a wedding . That's what I could imagine .

An other good and recommended make of CF-Cards is LEXAR professional . Both makes come with a rescue software and a 10 years guarantee .
Quote: For my work , that is sufficient enough , as each card can store 87 images . :Unquote

Wise advice.

Up until the CFV, for 20 years, I used to make do with 12 shots per roll and typically 5 to 10 rolls in the camera bag.

Now I have 2 x 87 shots and worried if my CF cards are big enough...

Maybe I will buy another 2Gb card and then I can deal with all circumstances.

One thing that I do NOT want this CFV back to do is to turn me from a "rifle" photographer to a "shotgun" photographer, if you'll pardon the analogy.

Card capacity has nothing to do with style of shooting ... you can hose off shots with a 2 gig card same as with a 8 gig ... the rate of shooting with a V camera keeps that from happening anyway.

Higher capacity cards are all relative when shooting files this large. I use higher capacity cards because in my experience swapping cards are where mistakes can happen when shooting in the heat of battle : -) ... and powering down the back, swapping cards, and powering the back up again takes too long at a wedding where nothing stops for the photographer.

If just shooting normally, it really doesn't matter.

The cards I use are all Sandisk ... when all of my backs were first shipped, they could only used Sandisk ... so that's what I use. 4, 8 & 12 gig Extreme II, III and Extreme IV. You need the latest software and firmware updates.

I hope that you did not think I was implying that you were a "shotgun" shooter with your 8 gig cards.

My train of thought went like this:

- I used to be constrained by my carrying capacity of film therefore I was forced to make every shot count.

- With the CFV and some large CF cards in my bag, that restriction is now lifted

- I must make a mental effort to remain in the "make every shot count" mode.

Not a commentary on anyone else's shooting style...

I understand Peter. It is an excellent point that one can become dependent on multi-shots rather than a thoughtful shot.

With that in mind, there is a new freedom to experiment and try risky shots that can yield interesting creative developments. Work with flash is a perfect ex&le of this notion. My flash work became more honed due to using digital cameras. But not all shooting circumstances can benefit from that mentality, and one can easily become sloppy if not aware.
Marc wrote

>> It is an excellent point that one can become dependant on multi-shots rather than on thoughtful shots <<

I noticed that danger rather shortly after I got my CFV BACK .
It is so easy to fall into that trap , because in comparison to film , where you might have had only 2 magazines with 24 shots all together , you can shoot till your accu is empty .

In the meantime , I am back to thoughtful shooting again . Thank you Marc to point out this temptation . It will shurely help others as well .
No more promotion on about the CWD these days, and today I got a deal for a sale of a new CWD with free 40mm IF CFE

In december 1957 was the presentation of the new "500C" in New-York.

Should I be looking surprised if one something will be annonced ?
I got a deal for a sale of a new CWD with free 40mm IF CFE >


That is a better deal than the promotion with the old 40 IMO.


A free 40 IF CFE isn't a good enough surprise?

Heck, if they did that here in the US, I get a second CFV.

That lens is almost $6,000. here. If a 503CWD was $12,000., then in effect you are getting a new 503CWD for $6,000.

The same bundle offer was up here in Germany and the U.K.

Yes that's great. But the CFV is 1.5 years old digital technology or more (the CFV is the new version of the old kodak back discontinued 5 years ago). I do not trust my chance so mutch, so I wunder if a new, better and less expensive digital back will just arrive the day I pay this one.
For this reason I baught the Leica M8 as fast as I could.

Anyway the CFE 40IF is a dream lens !
Anyway the CFE 40IF is a dream lens !>

Yes, and it performs like one in my IMO. I agree with Marc, I would jump on it and if I sold the 40 IF (since I have one) for even $5000, that would leave me with a new 503CW and a CFV for $7000. Wow, Merry Christmas!


"But the CFV is 1.5 years old digital technology."

Photos are just as good as they were 1.5 years ago ... and will be just as good 1.5 years from now.

The only thing better for a square format camera would be a larger square sensor, which no one has.

The Kodak back was a 12 bit back and the CFV is a 16 bit back.
1.5 years old in digitalback is average time production. Of course it will works lot of years. But the chance to see a new model at the same prize or less is great.
Perhaps not a big step but enought improvement to regrets to decide now.

If I compare the canon 350D and 400D witch prize become lower the firts day of production:

For the new CFV: 10% less expesive, biger screen, max iso goes from 400 to 1600, batery included inside of the body, possibility to use umofified 203Fe bodies, recording speed improved, more pictures without loading battery and ...

Perhaps more pixels !

Yes, good pixels at 1600asa with my 110mm 2.0, it will change the possibility of Hasselblad use !

To sell the 40mm IF for 5'000 $ is perhaps a real job. Anyway I used to dream about this lens. What I prefered is to sale the 503cw and the 80mm but the resale (second hand) prize is not so big.