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CFE and CFi


Am I correct in saying that all the current Zeiss lenses has have electronic databus?
CFi (improved) is an improved version of the CFE right? I assume so, but just want to check.


Yes, CFE =CFi + databus. It is a mystery as to why Zeiss/Hasselblad bothered with CFi at all and didn't just make all focal lengths CFE - that way all V series body users would be catered for. I wonder if anyone here knows why.
As CF lenses were upgraded and some FE lenses were no longer produced i.e. the 80 mm FE production ended several years ago
Carl Zeiss started to produce CFE lenses that not only had databus but also featured a different design, different helicoid, flash contact etc.

Some focal lenghts did not appear as CFE lenses but got the same other improvements. to distinguish these from earlier CF lenses the new desgn was called CFi.
There is little sense to produce a CFE 250/5.6 when there is an excellent 250/4.0 FE lens available.
Hi, all - is there a current, comprehensive listing of the V system lenses that are still actually in production and available for purchase? B&H doesn't go longer than a 150 CFi and I don't see much in the way of longer telephoto lenses (180/250/350) left on any other dealer websites. Thanks.
According to the last pricelist I have from oct. 2006 the following lenses longer than 150 mm are still available:
4/180CFE, 5,6/250CFi, 5,6/350CFE SA,
For the "F" series only the 2,8/300 TPP is available.
This is a lens for the brave at heart costing over 20.000 euro.
That gives you one of the best 300 mm lenses available with a 1,7 converter making it a 510 mm.

These lenses were offered for sale at the end of 2006.
There is no information about production available.
Thanks for the update, Paul. I sent the same question to Hasselblad USA support last night and we'll see what they say. I'll post when the reply is received. Clearly, supplies at dealers have declined significantly since late 2006, and even after I bought my new 501CM in early 2007.
Who can tell me something about this lens:
I'd like to get my hands on one! It's a 250 Sonnar CFE. I haven't seen a picture of it before, but I think it looks fantastic.

Hi, all - Hasselblad support in New Jersey just confirmed for me that both the 250 CFi, 250 SA, and 350 CFe SA are out of stock and out of production.

The 250 CFE SA is a rare lens it was only available for a short time.
Both the 250 and the 350 Super Achromats are exceptional lenses that will outperform all other lenses of this focal length.
What a shame. All the longer lenses gone. Makes you wonder what's to become of the rest of the V system. Nothing good I'm sure........
Do not forget the 300 TPP. There are still a few of those in stock.

One of the advantages of Hasselblad lies in the large amount of used equipment available.
Anybody who wants a 250/350/500 lens will be able to find some for sale.
Later lenses like the CF versions of the 350 and the 500 or the Super Achromats are not so easy to find.
Longer "F" lenses are also becoming rare items now.
Ken, Marc,

The lens shown could well be an acrobat regarding ist performance.
It is a Super Achromat.
Could be it was intended to fill the gap that was left when production for the 250/4 FE was stopped.
Maybe a special order lens?
I just browsed the Zeiss site and yes indeed, the Superachromat 250 CFE is well documented. On the other hand, mine... the CFi... has nary a mention. I queried them about it, and I'll post their response. (Maybe my lens is growing in value by the minute!
Marc was right about the blue lines being the designator of that 250 SA, in the picture above, being a CFE rather than a CFi version.

Those blue lines also appear on the PM45 and PME45 finders that have enough space to display lens exposure settings inside the viewfinder, which are enabled by the data bus connections.