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50 mm lense stuck


Hello! I've got an old synchro compur lense that won't nudge off of my hasselblad 500c,it's completely stuck and I've tried to get it off for two days now with no luck. To be honest I'm a bit of a dumbass when it comes to this camera, I just got it and I've been struggling a little with it ever since I used the second film. It makes some noises long after I've taken the picture, and sometimes the film wont nudge either!
Anyway, the lense is stuck. Does this mean I will have to pay alot of money to some repair guy to get it off again? I just got the camera last week along with 3 old lenses and many filters and back-parts. It's a lovely camera, looks well used, and so does the lenses, but this one has grown a little bit too attached to my camera I'm afraid!
Any help is greatly appreciated.

First, are you sure you wound the camera, recocked the lens?

If so, take off the magazine, and push the lower of the two 'barn doors' in.
You'll then see a tiny silver screw below the lens.

Take a small screw driver, and turn this screw clockwise.

That will either free the shutter, allowing it to release (in which case let it: pull the screwdriver back), after which you can wind the camera and recock the shutter in the normal way.

Or it will turn all the way, opening/cocking the shutter, until the axle it is caught and held by a catch, and you can remove the screwdriver without it snapping back. Then you can remove the lens in the normal way.

If neither works, you should contact a repair shop.
hello again! I've now tried screwing out a screw underneath the lense, but it was attached not directly to the wall of the lensehole but on something infront of the lense, if you catch my drift.
Here is a picture of it.

It seems like it's the wrong one? Nothing happened when I took it out.
I hate to say this, but the end you need to get at appears to be gone.
It is the left of the two thingies you see.
But there should be a screw head, with slot, on it.
Now it's going to be rather difficult.

You could try long, thin nosed pliers. But i think you better let a repair shop look at it now.
This is not a regular thing, and the fix is normally reasonably
easy anyway (like Q already wrote). The fact that the shaft with
screw-head appears to have lost its head (...) makes me wonder what
this camera had to go through in its previous life..

Your photo of the inner body and the shaft is typical of an early 500C (CU, CR, CE date code)which has a lens cocking shaft which is different than the later camera bodies which have a shaft which can be turned with a typical screwdriver blade. The early bodies require a different tool with a slot in it that fits over the shaft to turn it - otherwise the process is the same for trying to release the lens from the body. The first series 500C camera bodies have a number of differences from the later and more commonly encountered bodies!

Not sure what to suggest since you seem keen on trying to resolve this yourself - if you have sufficient skills, tools and confidence you could try to fabricate the body cocking shaft tool by modifying a normal screwdriver (cut off tip, cut a slot in shaft)?
Hello Q.G.,
by coincidence I happen to have two 500C cameras from 1958 (also corresponding film backs), everything freshly CLA'd. Try to convince me to give you one ;-)

Hi, I bought a cocking key off ebay for about a tenner. In the end I didn't feel too confident using it myself in case it slipped and caused any damage so I took it to Jacobs (don't know where in the world you are) who were so helpful. It was a hell of a jam and it took the two of us, one holding the camera and the other turning the key, for it to finally work. I shop there every now and then and they didn't charge me but even if they had, it would only have been a nominal sum. Ordinarily, this should take about minute or so to sort out.

Good luck,

That's a good year too, 1958.
But i bet you don't want to let one go. Not for a reasonable amount, that is.


Do not let the last post tempt you to use force.
Just so its clear, i'm sure they did not need four hands to force the thing off.
If force appears to be the only way out left, it's time to give in and let someone else take the thing apart (also not difficult, but not something to do yourself).

And when the lens is off, the job is not done.
The reason why the thing jammed has to be foun, and remedied too, of course.

What can make this happen?
Badly misadjusted camera and/or lens (due to age and lack of service), very likely.
But possibly, also, something that is actually broken.
I'm gonna deliver it somewhere, Ive tried turning it around but I don't have the proper equipment nor strength to turn it so far around. Thank you for all your help. Really apreciate it!
hello again. I have a little problem.
I sent the camera and the lense to a fixit guy, he fixed it once, and then the same error happened. So now he thinks theres no point in fixing it. And i told this to the guy who sold it to me, and he asked if he could buy me a c/m camera house to compensate, but i said that wouldnt help much cause 90% of the mechanism is in the lenses, right?! thats what the fixit guy said. And then the seller said "well then its just that one lense that isnt functioning, isnt it? what do you think we should do?"

and I really dont know what to answer him.
is there alot of trouble with this camera or what?
I had mine for like two days before it didnt work anymore, and now i'm just tired of the whole deal, and I dont know what to do, it costed alot of money and I was really looking forward to using it with colourfilm and all... but if it just keeps on getting stuck all the time I'll be ruined!

ok, whining post over. sorry.
Camera lock up is caused most likely by the body not the lens.
So it may be a good idea to find a camera tech in stead of a Mr. Fixit.

I would accept another preferably 500C/M body but keep in mind every Hasselblad likes to be serviced every 3-5 years.
Most of the time cameras are only serviced when there are problems like a locked camera.
but im talking about these old old lenses, and i've read that the type i have problems with is known to be a difficult lense to handle.
Lenses are most seldom the cause for lock up.
Older lenses are not in any way more difficult to handle than later ones.
Ergonomics were improved with later lenses.
That does not make the older ones less good.
I have been offered 30 euros to compensate for the camera + lense from the seller. Is this a good deal you think? i bought a complete package of one camera house and 3 lenses plus 3 backsides, one polaroid backside and various filters for 70 euros.