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2008 calendar


Hi all,

[Sorry to be a bit off-topic - I want to target this to Hasselblad users]

In the spirit of the season, I would like to make an offer to the group.

We (my wife Greta and I) have put together 13 night images - all Hasselblad, most 203FE - and had them printed in a calendar fitting in a modified CD case. The photo below doesn't do it justice (I'm on a trip with only a Holga and cell phone camera...), the printing is actually very nice on (recycled) card stock.

We have been giving it away to friends and family. We would like to offer to ship 20 copies to the first 20 people replying. There are no strings attached, we are not asking you to pay for postage or anything in return, and we'll ship anywhere in the world. The only thing I can't promise is the arrival date but hopefully we'll ship them within the next two weeks.

I'll post this to the 2 Hasselblad lists I belong to. Although I am saying the first 20, there might be a little bit of leeway in the selection to account for time zones. It's the middle of the night in Australia!

So send an email!


G'Day Manu (and Sheila):

If it's from Australia, it must be good.

In the spirit of Christmas giving, I will accept your offer to give me a copy.

Of course, if it's a scam, not only will Herr Moderator Paul use his considerable weightlifter's skills to render you a leading alto-tenor in the local boy's choir, but I will of course have Toona and Galber's send "the boys" around.


Seriously, I'm in. A lovely and generous offer.

Also, I can't speak for Jurgen, but as earlier this year on the Forum he was thinking of putting a calendar together from Forum members, he may want to have one.

I'll send you an email. Thanks, mate.

May all your chickens turn into emus, and kick your worst enemy's Dunny down.


Right... I should have mentioned that I'll need a shipping address (if I had been fully awake maybe I would have thought of it). Feel free to send a private message to me with that info.

I've had a request to send my paypal account info for reimbursement of shipping. No need. If you feel like you absolutely can't accept this without sending something back, I'll accept anything Hasselblad related: a CVF back, a 300mm TPP, a 503CWD, or a print of one of your images.

But again, there is no need to!

Happy Holidays,

Ah yes, I see why you thought it was from Australia... nope it's from San Francisco. What I meant to say is that since it's the middle of the night in (for ex&le) Australia, it wouldn't be fair to simply accept the first 20 entries without a bit of manual re-arranging.



PS: Sheila? I don't know where you got that from!
I'd love one to please, if there's any left? What's the best way to forward you my address? Merry Christmas to you all, may we all receive brand new digital backs in are stocking, curios of Hasselblad co
G'Day Manu!


I realised straight after I went to your most attractive website, that you were from SFO, CA. However, as you are IN Australia right now, that automatically makes you a good bloke.

When you have been there a few days, you will come to accept that most men are Bruce and most women are Sheila. So, you will be Bruce or Mate. Greta will be Sheila. As in, "strewth, you've got a good lookin' sheila". "Who's the sheila?" "Is she your sheila, mate"?

Takes a while, Bruce, but you'll get the hang of it.

Have a great time. If you have any problems, tell any policeman to call Simon Galbally. I'm sure they all know him.

Cheers, mate.


(I need the 300TPP, so I'll send a print to your studio.)
Thank you so much:

Marc Williams
C/O Stone & Simons Advertising
24245 Northwestern Hwy.
Southfield, MI 48075

: -)
Thanks for your very kind and generous gesture Manu
I have PM'd my details to you.
Happy Christmas
Very generous...hope I am not too late.

I travelled to my parent's place yesterday for Christmas (a 'short' drive of about 850 kms) and am now on dial up. To compound the woes, the weather is more like a Northern Hemisphere Christmas, rather than the Blue Christmas at the beach I dream about.


ps I have sent a PM.
I received my calander the other day, a most excellent product which now figures prominently on my desk. If you are marketing these I hope you do well!
Hi Terry,

What are you trying to do make me crazy?
I have not got the faintest idea what day of the week it is let alone what year we have now.
There is no calender in sight. I get reminders for bills I have to pay that are long overdue.
My life is a shambles and all because I am missing this calender.

It is nice to have some things on your writing desk that remind you of people or situations.
My desk would not be complete without the smallest instruction manual Hasselblad ever published.
It is about flash instructions for the 1000F camera.
Next to it is a small clock ticking away time.
It is marked F.W Hasselblad & Co. This company was established by the great grandfather of Victor Hasselblad.

I will check out the mail every day and hope some day my calendar will arrive.

Hi Paul! Perhaps you should have a desk clock like mine to remind you it is time to buy some more Hasselblad..........
G'Day Greta & Manu:

The Calendar arrived today in excellent order. A nice collection of images! What a great product, and a wonderful gift from you both. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I will make a print, as promised, and send it very soon!


Good afternoon Greta & Manu,

Thank you for the 2008 desk calendar. It's made it to the UK and will sit proudly on my work top for the rest of the year.

Photos are fabulous and will constantly remind me of you both and my commitment to Hasselblad.

Kind regards,

Hi Marsu!

Been off watch for a while and missed this golden opportunity, do you have one left at all?

Kind regards,

Gerard Morris
3 Impasse des Matelots
44980 Sainte Luce sur Loire