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Your first "square" experience?


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I'm am not sure what is happening to the site today, but this is the 2nd attempt to post the same thread today.

However, here I go again:

Last night I was tidying up frmaed photos when I came accross some pix I took when I was about 12 - with my Kodak Instamatic. Alas the images were in a square format!

So, having progressed to 35mm a few years later, and MF many years later again, I wondered if I had help a deep desire / preference for the square format. Even my images now 40 years old look lovely in the square format.

Of course Victor never intended to confine V series users to a square format, but that certainly unlocked many shooters creativity.

So, my question is: "when did you firt experience shooting square format and was it or is it your preferred format?" Or, are you ambivilous and simply frame a crop based on the final result?

For me, I certainly have a huge affection for square format. And then my next preference if for panorama format.
Please excuse my typos in my post above. While trying to make edits I came accross system messages that tell me that I can or cannot do certain things and force me to log in again etc etc.. I just don't have the tollerance for such softare stuff any more these days.

In future I'll try to avoid having to make edits after posting. But maybe the edit button should be removed now since the system says I don't have the required permission.
I like both the 6x4.5 and the 6x6 format Hasselblad offers for the V series.

I use 6x4.5 when I know I will leave D&P to the pro shop that does my printing.
That gives excellent 13x18 (5"x7") prints without cropping.
It is also the preferred format for reporter style photo's that are wanted urgently.

The square format is used more deliberately for subjects that simply ask for square.
Some pictures could not be made if it were not for the square format.