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XPan vs XPan II


New Member
I knew this was coming! When I bought my XPAN in the beginning of this year I felt something was about to happen.

At the time of my purchase Hasselblad had drastically lowered the price on the camera, I bought it as a kit with the 45mm and the 90mm and a much lower price than it had originally. I also noticed a lot of advertising for it in several photo magazines, something that I had not seen before.

I wonder what the price on the Xpan II will be and if the new improvements are worth it?

I've traded my Xpan for a Nikon FM3a with some lenses, so I might give the new XpanII a look.

Dear Karl,
Just wondering why did you trade your Xpan for a FM3A ?
I am enjoying using my Xpan with the 45mm lens and I have just ordered the 90mm.The pano has given me another view in photography.I have the Nikon 16mm and 20mm but this Xpan is great for wide angle with pano.
I have just bought a mint Xpan with 45,mm lens. I got it at a very good price and looking at the Xpan II specs its not worth paying all that much for very few new features in the xpan II. What can Xpan II do that Xpan cannot?
Take a look at the Hasselblad site and it clearly tells you the differences. Multi exposures is one big one. The ISO dial is gone from the front which is nice as I've accidentally moved it! You can get an electronic cable release. Your right the original is still an excellent camera. If your not going to do multi exposures then save some money.
I think the main difference is being able to see the speed in the viewfinder. This was my main gripe with the first version when I rented it. It didn't make sense to have to take the camera away from your eye to look at the back LCD display to see the speed. I don't know if it's worth the price difference but I found it very annoying on v1.0 and this would have been a reason not to buy the camera if I had been in the market for one at that point.

Hi everybody,
I have an original Xpan for last 3 years. Traveled all around with it. Have 2 lenses combo (45+90). Last fall I decided to get second body (each lens on one body- configuration). I opted for TX-2 (Fuji's version of new model) for following reasons: I prefer the original version cable release hook up than the "electric" new one (on xpan II), and I LOVED pure BLACK finish of TX-2 (yes, Fuji finally gave up on shinny pearl finish of the TX-1!). Everything else is the same like Xpan II. Oh, yes: the most important thing: Fuji TX-2 is available as a BODY ONLY!! SO, I did not get stuck with another 45mm lens. And, it is cheaper (if you compare just the price of the body). Now, I got my on Ebay from the dealer in California. So far, I took my "twins" on a few assignments and trips shooting for stock. I am so satisfied!! These 2 are my favourite cameras. Happy with the lenses, too. If you like, see my home page for some great s&les of Xpan (I & II)...