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XPan Processing in New Orleans


New Member
Greetings, I'm going to be spending some time in New Orleans in the next few weeks. Does anyone know where I might have XPan processing and printing done while I'm there.
I suppose it's a long shot, but worth asking.

There are several places in town. The Pro lab in New Orleans is in no-man's-land (Primary Color lab). They do pro work such as wedding photos. I think their E-6 work has been rated above that of Kodak. Downtown, I'd use Liberty camera (about 3 blocks from the French Quarter). Where in NO are you going to be staying, and will you have a car?

I don't know if either place prints pano shots from XPAN.
Lakeside camera in Metairie (suburb of New Orleans) is about as professional as it gets in New Orleans. They can process but don’t have the means to print (well they can, but it so convoluted that it’s cost prohibitive).