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Xpan neg scanning help


New Member
Hi there,
I'm a new X-pan user after years of SLR use!

Can anybody offer some advice on the kit they use for scanning Xpan negs and the success they have had? Scanner models used, applicable X-pan carriers etc.... Thanks a million for ANY help!!
Check out the other threads on this site and you will find much info.

I have used very succesfully the Epson 3200 but they have a better model now, I believe the 4870 or 4780... I reccomend highly the Silverfast Software as your scanning interface as well. If money is not a concern than the new Nikon 9000 will work really well.
I use a Nikon Coolscan 8000 ED (the 9000 is now out as well). The carrier FH-869GR (120/220 Film Rotated Holder w/ Glass) has a set of masks, one of which is for the XPan panoramic size.

Scans come out just great, and at 4000 dpi TRUE (not interpolated) resolution. You can also use the Vuescan software ( shareware) in place of the Nikon software for controlling the scan. It gets good reviews.

After scanning, I use Photoshop 7 or CS is manipulate images. Note that on chromes, Nikon suggests upping the gain on the light source before scanning vs a normal color negative.