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XPAN II Question


New Member
I just purchased an XPan II five days ago. The LCD on top of the camera stays on all the time even though the manual states that all three LCD's should go off when powered down.

My dealer who hasn't sold many XPan's isn't sure if it is a defect or a "feature" as he states that a number of the new cameras exhibit this same practice.

Can anyone owning an XPan II tell me if there exposure LCD goes off when powered down. I have already heard from an original Xpan owner that his camera does turn off this same LCD.

Thanks in advance.
The LCD on my XpanII goes off . Whait I really dislike with the II is = that the exposure compensation button has been removed and I have to enter the meny to compensate. Takes way to much time!!!>=20
Turns out that this is a change from the XPan. On the Xpan II, if there is film in the camera, the LCD indicating whether or not the camera is in panoramic mode, and the frame counter (located on top of the XPAN II) remains on always. I am told (and shown) by my dealer that many of the newer cameras have this (feature?).
I second Del's answer. On my TX-2 (Fuji versiion) counter stays on when the main switch is off.
Actually, CORRECTION - when there is no film in the camera, all LCD's are off when camera is off. BUT when camera is loaded then the top LCD stays on. I think it's pretty standard. My contax cameras do the same thing.
Is it possible to use self loaded 35mm film cartridges with an X pan II? I am used to buy film by 30m rolls and prepare my own cartriges which comes to be much cheaper. How do you set the film sensitivity since the self made cartridges don't bear a DX code?
Thanks for your advises.
Why it is not possible.? your own cartridge is like the other. It is not a problem.
For the ASA setting, with your XPan-II, you have the possibility to let the DX mode, so you use the iso speed of each film, like the manufacturer want. I usualy never use the ASA that is on the film, I make my test, I find the right ASA of each kind of film and I use my setting. It will be the same for you, without the DX code.
With XPan-II, you can set like you want your ISO, on the rear display you can set the ASA that you want. On the camLCD, you have to press the MODE button, and you have different setting that you can change, like the ISO.
So you can do what you want.
best regards.