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XPAN II Correction lens


New Member
Dear friends, few days ago I bought the item HS54437 - Hass. xpan II correction lens + 2, but unhappily I am mistaken the purchase. If there is someone who wants buy it, I sell it at the price of $ 53.00 or € 45.00 ( Adorama purchase price )
I can ship it all over the world.
Kind regards,
Hi Massimo,
This is somewhat amusing; I also purchased a +2 correction diopter which is worthless to me. I called my optician, got the prescription for the appropriate eye, consulted the user manual and ordered the appropriate eyepiece. I can barely make out shapes through this eyepiece because the magnification is so great. What are the odds of both of us making the same mistake from different countries? The only diopter correction eyepiece that I consider of any worth is the type found in my Hl or my Nikon F100-adjustable by the user and with a means of locking it in position. I'll be calling B&H later on this morning to arrange returning this eyepiece.