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X2D - I hope this is not too early


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My current list of "requests" with Customer Support at Hasselblad is shown below -- it has been forwarded to their R&D team.

I am holding an open but short list of firmware improvements I need urgently and a growing list of feature improvements that I and others would like to see if Hasselblad can deliver them with the technology in the new body.

Most urgent (as inn NOW please) in order:
  1. we need the promised update to Phocus Mobile that allows the X2D to be controlled/triggered remotely
  2. we need the promised firmware update to the X2D that allows Live view to be seen in Phocus 3.7 AND for the automated functions in the capture sequencer to work with the X2D

Other features requested - in no order AND subject to what is possible with this new body:
  1. we need the ability to pull or jam GPS data from a smart device or accessory into the X2D so location data can be written into the exif data

  2. in body auto and manual focus stacking/ sequencing/ bracketing -- like the X1D-ii

  3. provide the option for additional VERY SMALL & pin point af/mf points (the new focus aid seems to use a far too large focus point group - the size of this group should be selectable) - like the X1D-ii BUT the 2 options requested would be for much smaller focusing "groups"

  4. provide the option to choose between focus peaking (really useful for landscape and product shooters) and the MF focus assist tool -- I am yet to test the new tool with a new XCD V lens - it works OK but is really only reporting on the focus around a single GROUP of points. Product and landscape shooter need traditional focus peaking -- like we had in the X1D-ii

  5. ability to save Compressed Lossless RAW and other types of compressed files

  6. ability to use a trigger connected via bluetooth (so not just a smart device).

  7. ability to select various aspect/crop ratios and image sizes -- we had a fairly full list on the X1D-ii -- please give us at least the same options for the X2D

  8. ability to record, save and apply custom white balance

  9. far better custom mode solution than the custom profiles -- minimum would be the ability to edit the name of each -- who knows what is in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

  10. EV steps 1/1, 1/2, 1/3

  11. timelapse - in camera

  12. ability to manually enter EXIF data for adapted lenses.

  13. AF-C -- one commentator stated he thought this would only work when sing the new XCD V lenses -- which is a surprise to me -- Hasselblad do not appear to have delivered Continuous AF in any body -- so as a first step to other things let us have AF-C on the selected AF-group
  14. 3D AF tracking -- lock on to a subject and then track the subject as the camera or subject moves -- we had this in DSLRs -- this is the next step in AF delelopment - for the focus point to move and AF to track continuously with a selected pattern of contrast.

  15. eye/face identification and tracking -- since Hasselblad has not used this before they will either need to buy the capability and adapt it or build their own and we can expect this will take time to deliver

  16. live histogram - RAW histogram not just jpeg AND better exposure/clip warnings

  17. far more metering choices including TTL zone metering, multi-zone, average and AND, since I happen to like Nikon's Highlight protection version of matrix metering - it prevents white clipping (excluding specular highlights) - it should be possible to enable this too for ALL metering choices.

  18. wider range of exposure and flash compensation options +/- 5EV

  19. ability to import/load/edit/save/export shooting profiles/presets based on Phocus settings and other emulations/LCC profiles

  20. ability to disable switching from LV to the EVF (to enable use of the camera in restricted spaces -- although I cannot see why since you can turn down the distance when EVF takes over - however why not)
AND more of a stretch
  1. hi-res / pixel shifting multi-shot option
  2. 2 shot averaging - like dual exposure+ on the IQ4
  3. a long exposure shot averaging - like automatic frame averaging on the IQ4

Of course we wait to see what if any of these the essential for X2D users update to Phocus Mobile will bring -- in my case to the iPhone and iPadPro.
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Shots with the X2D and XCD 30mm AND Nikon nikonPC-E 24mm and adapter --
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One has to be very careful when using the PC-E 24mm - the image circle is not large enough to fully cover the 44x33mm sensor of the X2D when large shifts have to be used
It would be REALLY helpful if Hasselblad came out with a tilt shift adapter for the X-series like they did for the H-series.


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Shots with the X2D and XCD 80/1.9 -- quite possibly my favourite lens for the X-series (oh and the 21mm) --
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Shots with the X2D and XCD 21/4 -- quite possibly my 2nd favourite lens for the X-series --
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This is not an investment but a hobby. Any profit or loss will be realized by my heirs. You have to understand, I did film, in and out of the darkroom, from around 1950 until 2000 when I bought a Sony DSC S70. After 50 years the "new" had worn off from film and the Sony had great color with its old CCD sensor. And it still does. Depreciation? Yes. I paid US$1000 in 2000 and bought a used one a few years back for $30. Despite the price drop the image is still great.

I understand that there is a lot of attraction with film and that is fine. It just does not attract me anymore but I sure am glad you are enjoying it.


I have the X2D. It has exceeded my hopes. The image quality and color quality is really good and the Hasselblad lens I have, XCD 55V, is really good. It is better than what I have for the M bodies. I will be content with the XCD 55V for a long time.


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Happily. Leica cannot compete. The X2D is better in every way, but lets just focus on image and color quality. The X2D color science, 16 bit color pallet, IBIS and marvelous dynamic range make it far superior and it costs about the same as the M11 which is a digital M3, again. I believe that Leitz is selling yesterday's camera and is dependent upon folks who want to be a closet HCB. Rangefinders are as much fun as playing golf with a croquet mallet. And you may have missed the picture by the time you have it focused. With the X2D you can go manual or automatic. But with auto focus you can get the photo now.

I have an M8.2, M9 and a pair of M240's and some pretty good lenses, no Leitz lenses. The X2D with the XCD 55V is just streets ahead of Leica. A fellow posted a one second exposure of a train station interior at ISO 25600 and it was beautiful, no shake and I saw no grain. Color and detail, spot on.

Hit the X2D groups on FB and see what they are up to.

Does this help?

Doc Steel

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Thanks for your reply, its an interesting opinion.
In fact a Leica M camera and her lenses is not comparable with a X and her lenses.
They have different roots and philosophy.
But i definitive disagree when you write
1/ Leitz is selling yesterday's camera and is dependent upon folks who want to be a closet HCB.
Thats your opinion i accept but in my eyes polemic and therefor not further be discussed.
2/ Rangefinders are as much fun as playing golf with a croquet mallet. And you may have missed the picture by the time you have it focused.
Many photos prove the opposite. The rangefinder educate, train to visualize.
For missing a Photo is the main reason that 1) you didnt try or cant understand the image and 2) you cant adequate visualize.
And at least, i think it is not serious to talk about the image quality of Leica without to use any of their lenses.
That is not the level i want to do.
BTW, all you wrote is your own opinion i accept, interesting but very different to my own opinion grown thru experience over almost 50 years with Leica.


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I use a Cooke Amotal on the M9 which is about as fine a combination as can be found. To say that only Leica lenses work well on Leica cameras is not factual. And while you may enjoy reading yesterday's papers I do not and I have the choice. I have used the X2D alongside the M8.2, M9 and M240. It is the winner. I would love to see side by sides of the M11 vs the X2D but from what I have seen of the 100MP X2D image and the HB color science I know where to put my money on that race. And if the Leica is that good a camera why is it not used by those who depend upon a camera to pay the rent? Pro's do not use Leica. Look around. There is a reason for this. I have read all the reasons of why the RF system is better and it is almost always tied to it being more difficult. Hmmm, interesting reason. By that reasoning wet plates would be even better, that really teaches how to visualize. Again, why don't pro's use them, only hobbiests? When your living depends on the image quality Leica gets left behind, QED.

To say that Leica is a wonderful camera after 50 years of use is like saying Chevrolet is a great car because you have driven them for 50 years. Really? I started photography in 1950. I have used a lot of cameras. Leica is nice.

Currently shooting digital:

Lumix DMC ZS3
Pentax Q-S1
Sony A7M III
Pixii A1571
Leica M8.2
Leica M9
Leica M240 (2)
Hasselblad X2D

Of these the HB is the clear winner in every way. Of course, you may have different results with your X2D as I surmise you have.