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Wuerzburg / Main




Hasselblad H1 & P45 , HC 35mm​
Hello Erick,

Now we can see what you are up to in the middle of the night.

These images present a lot of atmophere.
They make me think of scenes from a Hitchcock movie.

A real pleasure to see these.

thank you Paul

I wasn't sure if the size is ok for the forum ?

this bridge is supposed to be the oldest one in Germany
Hello Erick,

The upload facility will indicate that you have gone over the upload capacity.

These images deserve to be shown with a lot of detail.
Keep in mind even larger uploads are possible for Hasselblad club members.
Not trying to persuade you to become a member now.
I am simply trying to get a chance to see your work displayed with more detail.
It certainly deserves to be seen that way.


These are really great images . Night shots . I have absolutely no experience in that kind of shooting .
I belong to the type of "nice weather shooters" .:)

But Erick , you still owe me an answer . When do you convert the images to B/W . Before or after stitching ? ? ?

I convert sometimes directly in Lightroom , sometimes after boosting the colours in CS4 , I find it easier to convert when you get a green really green and a red very red

thank you