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Winder wexposure meter


New Member
A photo store in oslo is presently dumping anything hasselblad. Among the objects at half price was a winder knob (C/M type) that boasted an exposure meter on the box. can anyone tell what the hell this is? surely it cant be a fully functioning ex. m. on a winder?
Jon Wang, Oslo.
The winder knob contains a selenium Gossen meter which is quite accurate. It indicates the EV number and is as good as my CdS handheld Gossen.
Would you be confident enough in the meter winder knob to measure ligth for color transparencies as velvia 50 & 100 for ex&le ? You know the very very narrow possibilities of variation in exposure for these kind of film. Did you make some tests ?
Many thanks for your reply
I have been using the meter for quite a while, and comparisons with the readings are right on compared with my handheld CdS. And it is just so handy being on the camera. Unfortunately, I mainly do B&W, and use the zone system to expose for specific details and vary development times to compensate for contrast. In the little colour slides I do, the meter has been pretty good, taking into account that I might have to open up a stop or two to make sure that the highlights come out bright, if the scene is a little dull. I find that it is easier to do slides, because the film generally has more latitude and you can't monkey with development times. I don't process my own colour stuff. My latest foray has been into chromagenic B&W (C-41), where I also lose the ability to compensate development times to make up for highlights and contrast when I expose for specific detail. I hope the better grain possibilities make up for less control. My first rolls are almost exposed and ready for the big test.