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Winder CW on 203 FE


New Member
Dear all,

Does anyone know if there is a way to use the Winder CW on a 203 FE? The winding crank connections on 500-series cameras and 200-series cameras seem similar.

The Winder CW ergonomy seems to me better than Winder F one. I do not understand why Hasselblad did not design a common Winder for both series.

I discovered on Hasselblad website that they did it a couple of years ago!!...just for the NASA (203S)...

Interesting but for the NASA I can imagine special adaptations.

What the differences between old F winder and newer one in fact ?
The 200 series and the 503 CXi and CW are different where the transportknob and the winder are fitted.
Hasselblad has modified the 200 series for Nasa to accept the CW winder.
The winder for the 200 series does not fit the 503 CXi and CW models either.
Here is the reply from Hasselblad about this special application :

"Thanks for your inquiry and interest in Hasselblad "special applications" products. The cameras you are referring to was a special project made for NASA, the 203S. Besides modifications for using the Winder CW the cameras has some modifications to the light measuring system and display system. Unfortunatelly we canot offer these modifications as a general service".

Unfortunately, they can not do it for me!!


The division special projects does not exist anymore.
The people who were involved with these kind of specials do not work with Hasselblad anymore.
Good chance all documentation about this kind of work is no longer available either.

After the last move to the present location a lot of old stuff was
sold or given to company staff including documentation.
Many models, mock ups etc were sold and turned up later with traders in Europe.
I was lucky to be able to put my hands on some early Hasselblad items.
Some even from the pre Victor era.

The present workforce is 1/10 of what originally worked at Hasselblad. This includes the service department for CFV backs.