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Winder CW Manual??


I need a copy of the manual for the Winder CW. I have been to the
Hasselblad site, but no luck there.

Any suggestions appreciated. I've been to ebay, and it's available there for $23. I had hoped for something a little bit more economical.

There is not all that much that can be said about the winder. That makes 23 $ a bit much.
No idea where to look for a copy of the winder manual.
What is it you want to know? Quiet mode? It is quite noisy!

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know it's pretty much self-explanatory, but I wasn't quite sure how the multi-exposure setting worked. I assume you still have to remove the film back, or can the winder somehow bypass that step??

Hi Ron,

No the winder can not do that for you.
For double exposures you have to lift the film back from the camera, cock the camera and place the back against the camera body after that.

Funny you mention this because there are Hasselblad cameras that can do double exposures without lifting the back.
Those are the 2000 series bodies. The double exposure is accomplished by pushing the mirror control that is located inside the winding knob.
The 200 series have the same facility although that control inside the winding knob does not give mirror control.