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Why is V system kit so expensive on Ebay?


New Member
A typical add for V system kit on EBay starts “Rare…” ? And a price in the region of £2850 is asked for a 503 body and A12 back. And there are loads of them at that sort of price.
A visit to the Procentre site has second hand 503 for just under a grand and A12 back for around £300.
Has anyone on here sold kit at these sort of prices? If so I can see a boost to my pension, anyone want a 503 body and 2 A12 backs for shall we say £3350???


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I think you see alot of high priced ones on Ebay, because the reasonably priced ones sell very quickly, and the overpriced ones stick around a long time.
Have you ever noticed that most cameras on Ebay are either "Rare" or "Mint".


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Currently used Hasselblad cameras and bodies are enjoying a renasaunce in prices. I've sold several 500c/m bodies and currently have a 500EL/m listed. The C/m's sold quickly at a higher price. I rated them 8/10's. The EL/m is languishing. Its not
the price but the item. Lenses have been fetching a higher price than last winter, this spring. So thats my experience for what its worth.


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Let me give you an example.
In late 2018 I bought, in a local used camera shop, a nice, good working and well taken care of Hasselblad Distagon C 50mm T* for € 330.-.
Sadly this lens was stolen in 2020 (together with two A12 film backs)...
As I want to replace this lens (after some saving) I see now in the same shop a less good copy of the same lens for around € 650.- .
When I asked the shop owner why this price rising, he told me that analogue photography is booming and the demand for film cameras is even more, particularly during the Covid pandemic.
The prices of any cameras are following the market demand, and Hasselblad is very popular (for a good reason).

The Fontane

New Member
Yep, similar experiences here. I've seen the prices sky rocket over the past 10+ years. Not just Hasselblad cameras and lenses, but just about anything medium format that is considered half decent. Try buying a Maymiya 7II or a Pentax 67 (which compared to the Maymiya is reasonable). There are some online dealers whose prices are far higher than the average ebay seller. Reasons given; is their gear is thoroughly checked and tested, and they sell it with a warranty, which most eBay sellers don't. I even saw a guy at a weekend market in Cape Town, South Africa selling Hblad cameras, look to be in good condition too. All in all it looks like there is a huge demand for medium format equipment. Give it a few years, all the hipsters will get bored of it and move onto something else, then the demand will drop.