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Which Prism



I'm brand new to Hasselblad and medium format , having just purchased a 501cm second hand.
It has a waist level viewfinder, which I'm having trouble coming to terms with and am looking for advice on which prism , if any , I should go for.
Hi Bernard,

in your case I would first really try to get used to the waist level viewfinder. It gives your significant better judgement about the final image. The prism viewfinder is nice because of the additional metering modes (if you pick one with it), but you make basically a step backwards into 135 with using the prism.

You can not overview in the same way the image and decide for framing. Half of the fun for me with Medium Format is the way you can take and see images with the waist level viewfinder.

But if you absolutely want to have one, take a 45 degree prism. this gives you a more relaxing handling then a 90 degree prism.

I agree Dirk, the whole issue is the way one frames, you may notice that when taking people they look at the camera (you !) in a different manner to SLR with prism, be that Nikon or hassy. This is because you are "not" facing the person.

The only alternative being leica where they look at you as if you came from the past with grandad's camera.

As for the metering taking into account that one has to dial the reading into the camear each time...

I recently bought a PM45 prism. Since this is a high eye point prism it gives me, as a wearer of glasses, full view of the image in the viewfinder. It is also the only Hasselblad high eye point prism. I did not buy a metering prism as I think it is to cumbersome: Set iso of the film you are using on the prism, maybe the largest aperture as well, meter, take the camera from your eye to set the metered speed and/or aperture on the lens, take the camera back to your eye and take the picture.
> I agree completely. I also bought the PM454 for the eyepoint as well as > the diopter adjustment because I still need it even with glasses due to > bifocals. I don't agree that the PME version is more cumbersome (it's the > same case) but sue to the uncoupled status it isn't any more convenient > than a handheld...with the exception of if you use a bellows, and that's a > very specialized application to say the least.
I have read somewhere on the Net that it is possible to use Kiev prisms on the V series. Is that true? Does anybody have first hand experience with that device. I know it must be annoying for true blue ’blad owners, but if this really works it could save some bucks...

Yes it is possible to use Kiev prisms.If you only want a viewing prism, then the Kiev's are a real option.

I have tried a metering prism from a couple of years ago and it was alright for viewing, but the meter was off (had to be calibrated before use) and am not sure if they are really trustworthy. They might be, but the generally average quality of the unit doesn't inspire confidence. I haven't tried 'newer' ones, and some dealers are apparently adding their own quality control. If you get one with a money back period, you might try it.

Old 'blad meter prisms (the ugly ones!) were/are reasonably accurate meters within the limits of a CDS meter. Might be a better bet for a cheap, ugly meter prism!
>I know this is a hasselbad forum but has anyone tried this stuf from arax ?? is it crap ? their homepage seem impressing
Hi Ruben,
I just heard about Arax on a forum a couple of weeks,but I have never seen one.
The only thing I know is on this web site.
See you