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Which light meter do you use?


I want a small light meter to use, when just bringing my camera and a few rolls of film. I have heard good things about the Voigtlander VC meter. I will probably buy this one, and just store it in my pocket.

Which do you use and why?
I use a big lumpy Gossen Mastersix.
The wide range of functions and accuracy are best features.
For spotmeasurements I use the Spotmaster II when not using the 205FCC.

Whenever I know I will only use an SWC I have a small camera bag that takes the SWC some film, a shade and a Gossen Multisix.

Gossen also has a few small lightmeters as does Sekonic.
If you want to be independant of batteries and also want a small meter , have a look to the SEKONIC studio deluxe III L398A . No flash metering .
I use the predecessor L398M , which is not produced any more .
I also use a MINOLTA AUTOMETER IVF which is an excellent meter . For B/W images , when working with the zone system , I have a MINOLTA spotmeter . As far as I know , Minolta meters are not produced any more , but they are available secondhand . Both mentioned meters can also be used for flash metering .
I too am very interested in this topic. Too bad that I can't see any way to mount the voight vc anywhere on the body. I have just picked up a millennium edition (whatever that is :) ) 503cw with the power grip and the metered prism along with the standard fold out hood. The thing is that I don't really want to use neither the power grip nor the metered prism as it just doesn't seem to fit my idea of the hassy gestalt ... so I have a crank on order and when it gets here I plan to "get back to basics"

I'm going to use the meter in my D700 for a while until I can decide which way to go with a meter. Battery independance and light weight is a great idea, so thanks for the great tip jotloob. If I do get one of those ... I know a spot meter would be on the list of things to get later. Anyone know which currently made meters do EV's? Or can all of them meter that way? Anyone use EV's to calculate their exposures?

( great find, this forum btw! I have extensive experience with film from 35 to large format (and digital) but have never had a Hassy before. I hope that it turns into a passion for me :) )

There is an adjustable flash shoe available (HASSELBLAD number 43125) .
This item is not produced any more , but can be found quite often on ebay .
That shoe can hold the VOIGTLÄNDER VC lightmeter .
Might be that Paul (moderator) can supply an image of that adapter .

I use the Sekonic L-358 with a i degree spot attachment. Easy to use - very intuitive and modes are simple.

Of course it is also very accurate.

Would recommend it highly.
Flash shoe adjustable

flash shoe 1.jpg flash shoe 2.jpg flash shoe 3.jpg

This clever little thing slides over the accessoire rail at the left side of the body.
It holds all kinds of items from a small flash unit till meters like the VC.

Available from stock!
Contact me PM if you want one.



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Anyone know which currently made meters do EV's? Or can all of them meter that way? Anyone use EV's to calculate their exposures?
Gossen Digisix displays exposure as EV.

Yes, I use EV's to meter. In addition to my PME51 meter, I own a Pentax 1 degree digital spot, which is about 25 years old now. It reads in EV's. In addition to the original price I paid for it, I had it upgraded by Zone VI in 1995 to the tune of $175. Anyone remember them? They replaced the sensor with a more accurate sensor, plus did some baffling to the interior. It's as accurate as one could expect. Problem with it is reading the small numbers on the scale rings. The numbers are very small.
"Metering" has become much less important in my shooting since the advent of the histogram. Outdoors, I can get in the ballpark with a guesstimate (after 30+ years of metering, it's not that difficult), and then fine tune from there by observing the histogram. I always bring the Pentax meter with me, but it often never makes it out of the case. I have been having problems focusing accurately lately with the PME51, so I don't always attach it either.
I just bought a used minolta IV ... what a difference from guessing exposure! :)

I'm going on a four day photo trip to the mountains so I hope to be able to post some shots in a week or so. So far ... loving the hasselblad!
I use all these for different purposes.

1. Color meter, Gossen Sixticolor and Minolta Color Meter II, for checking correct color temperature and correct color correction filters required. This is particular useful for color reversal film shot;

2. Spot meter, Minolta spotmeter, for visualizing contrast of the scene. This is particular useful if you use Adams Andsel's Zone System;

3. General purpose exposure meter, Minolta flash meter IV and Sekonic L608, these meters can take incident reading as well as reflective reading. The incident reading is taken to the subject and making use of dome to reduce exposure by 2 stops, this is particular useful for reversal film and digital photography;

4. Various clamp on meters, Leica MR-4 and Pentax Meter, for integration with camera that has no built-in meters;

5. Miniature meters, like Sekonic Twinmate L-208 and Voigtlander VC-2, are non-bulky and handy for taking casual reflective measurement;

6. Spot metering and average metering for Large Format metering can be taken at the film plane by Sinar Booster 1 (to use with Minolta Flashmeter IV) and Horseman Exposure Meter 45 respectively. This is particular useful for macro-work where bellow factor can be forgotten.



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Hello Doug--

Do you use a llama or some other means to get to the scene? Gosh, I thought that I was meter poor but I can't come close to your selection.:cool::lol: