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Which lenses to choose?


New Member
I have been given a great opportunity to purchase a 1990 Hasselblad 503CX and two lenses. The lenses that i have to choose from are Distagon 4/50, Planar 2.8/80 or Sonar 4/150. Given that I will most likely be shooting landscape, portraiture or nature, which two of these three lenses would I be best to choose.

If the scenario is that there are three lenses in front of you and you can take away two and the price remains the same regardless of choice then I would base my choice on value. What version and condition are the lenses? Without knowing any more I would apply my own personal bias and say chose the 50mm and 150mm because they'll be easier to sell.

I would go for the 50mm and the 150mm out of my own experience .
I do not use the 80mm very often .
If you get an additipnal extension ring of 8mm or 10mm you have a very good solution for portraits with the 150mm lens .
The scenario is that no matter which of the three lenses i choose, the price stays the same. All of the lenses are in wonderful condition and are approx the same vintage as the camera 1990.
A thrid vote for the 50mm and 150mm. Two widely different lenses that will give you many more opportunities.
Hello Annette

No question about it:

Go for the 50 and the 150.

If ever you feel the need to bridge the gap there is a wonderfull 100 mm Planar lens.
The 100 mm is often overlooked as an option for a standard lens.
Nothing against the 80 but as some users already mentioned it is not the most used lens.
Unless you are doing a lot of portraits the 50 will be probably the lens you will use most of the time.

Thank you all for your input, Ii certainly will take your advice. Stay tuned for more forum input from me.
Have a great day
One more vote for the 50 & 150. If you ever decide to fill in the gap, the 80 will be less expensive to purchase later than either the 50 or 150.
If you had the 3 lenses, after a week you will notice that you do not use the 80mm so often.
If you use only one lens the 80mm is great and at the same time a light lens to travel.
Two out of three, take the 50mm and the 150mm. The 80mm is relatively cheap. I have the 50mm, 80mm, 150mm, and the 250mm. I use the 80mm most often for landscape. It depends on the landscape and your composition style.