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A friend of mine has a good offer of a new 202FA with the HASSELBLAD 60-120 ZOOM , and he asked me which other lenses the camera could work with . i understand , that this camera can take FE lenses with no restrictions .
As i never really was interested in a 202FA and as i do not have a catalog available with the 202FA still listed , i come up with some questions .
What lenses can the 202FA work with and what are the restrictions . C , CF , CFE , F , FE lenses .

I believe the restriction is that CB lenses cannot be used with the 202FA.

Wildi tries to disuade one from using any [old] C lenses on focal plane cameras due to "synchronization issues", but that may just be marketing speak to get one to upgrade their lenses. I use my C lenses with my 2000FCW.

And, the FE, CFE and TCC lenses are the ones with the databus for the automation features of the camera... The 202 only uses the focal plane shutter, it does not use the lens shutter (unlike other 200/2000 series cameras).

Theoretically the 202 will work with all Hasselblad lenses. Of course with F- and FE- and TCC-lenses. C- and CB-lenses have to be set to "B", CF-, CFi- and CFE-lenses have to be set to "F" as the 202 does only work with focal plane shutter. It cannot use the shutter of the lenses, the major drawback of this camera.

Another point to consider is that the 202 is the only V-system camera that cannot be used with a digital back like the new 16 MP back from Hasselblad/Imacon. In comparison a 40 year old Hasselblad 500 C is a better invertment into the future.

Taras and Ulrik

Thank you for your contributions which show me , that you can use any lens (with different settings) but only one flash syncro time , the one of the focal plane shutter .
in the 200 family .
I got my 202FA for low price because what is writen here is partialy correct.

If you use C lens synchronisation, the central shutter start before the miror is up. With short speed you get black pictures. At 1/4 speed you get "variable exposed" pictures. If you need 1/500 with flash, then you cann get old "C" lens with the 10 sec. delay and you set the body on B or more than 10 sec exposure and ...become crasy; BTW the TTL mode for flash does not works with this mad configuration !

As said, it is possible to use "C" lenses in "B" speed and then you use the focal shutter (like F mode).
The 202FA can be upgraded to be used with CFV back in F mode only.

I wonder what happen if you use the X contact of the "C" lens with "B" speed to synchronise the CFV back and use the 202 in "F" mode.
I wonder what happend if you tell your CFV that the body is a 500CM and shot anyway