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Which LEE ND filter for Planar 8028


New Member
As mentioned in subject I mostly use Planar 80/2.8 on my Hassy - now I am considering purchase of ND gradual filters from LEE (good refferences from friends). Unfortunately the product range is quite wide. Based on experience of my friends I decided to take the 0.6 and 0.9 versions (guess it is equivalent to 2 and 3 stops respectively) but I would appreciate any advice regarding the choice of grad version (SOFT / HARD) - unfortunately I cannot try them on and do not know if the HARD version is not too hard or the SOFT too soft (landscape use both open landscape and mountains). Probably it sounds bit strange but I would appreciate any personal experince with these LEEs combined with this lens (I guess the grad versin may work in quite different way on 35 mm lens or on MF lens) or any guidance in this respect before ordering and realising they are not what I need
. Thanks
>"Hello Jindro, >I can borrow for testing two COKIN GRADUAL filters: >1) Cokin Gradual G2 light P 121 L >2) Cokin Gradual G2 soft P 121 S (ND 8) >The only problem is that I don't have the Holder adapter for 60 mm Plannar thread (only 49, 55 and 72) >In case that you're from the Czech republic you can contact me at +724183906 >Jiri Pivonka"