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Which Hasselblad model if any have built in meter


New Member
}<font face="courier new,verdana">}<font color="119911">Do any of the Hasselblad bodies have a built in light meter? I'm shopping on e*ay and so far perfer the 503cx model. I thought it would have a meter, but the manual says no.

Thanks for any/all help.}}
203 FE, 205 TCC and FCC, and 202 FA have built-in meters.
The rest, including the 503CX, do not.

There are prism finders with built-in meters. They offer TTL-metering, but are not coupled to shutterspeed or aperture rings. And you will have to transfer the readings to the lens manually.

The HASSELBLAD Models 202FA , 203FE and the 205 TCC/FCC are the ones you should look after .
They have built in meters and automatic functions . And only these ! ! !
Regards Jürgen
<font color="119911">Thanks guys, will look into these then. If I'm not able to find one (are these new or old models?) will just keep metering in my head. Has been working fine for all these years was just hoping for a break from thinking too much haha.