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I would like to take adventage of Hasselblad systems with TTL flash metering.
Which exactly cameras are TTL capable ?
On what type of body I can use ; PME finder (45 degree).

Can I use metering system on : 500EL/M , 500 CM or old F body ?

Thank you.

I do not believe this is an exhaustive list, but the following bodies have TTL flash metering:

201F, 500ELX, 503CW, 503CX, 503CXi, 553ELX, 555ELD

The meter prisms are tuned to the focusing screen. You can use the PME on any body, but when using on a camera with an Acute Matte focusing screen you must reduce the ASA by one half (e.g. to ISO 50 when using ISO 100 film).

In addition to the 201 F Taras already mentioned, all the other 200-series cameras offer TTL-flash control too.

Indeed, all metered prism finders can be used on all 500-series and "old" 2000-series cameras.

There are/were several versions of the "old style" PME-meter prisms.
The very first (initially called "VFC-6", later plain "PME") was calibrated to work with the old style, 1 stop dimmer screens.
The next version was the PME3, which was calibrated to be used with the Acute Matte screens.
The last version was the PME5; same as the PME3, but with the cut-out in the base plate so it can be used with 200-series cameras.
Both PME3 and PME5 are clearly marked as such (above eyepiece).

The "old style housing" metered prisms have been replaced with the PME45 and PME90 prisms. Both calibrated to work with Acute Matte screens.

As mentioned before, you can use any of these PME(...) prisms on the cameras mentioned, but only the original VFC-6/PME needs adjusting when used in conjunction with Acute Matte screens.
All the others need adjusting when *not* used with Acute Matte screens.
Thank you,

Are the old classic , silver lenses ( from Hasselblad system. C-body) : 50mm lens, 80mm lens, 150mm lens will work with TTL ?

All Hasselblad Zeiss lenses (old C, CF, CFi, CFE, new C, and CB). Actually, the TTL flash system will work with any non-Zeiss glass, also.

The reason why TTL-flash control will work with all lenses is because the TTL-system consists of a sensor inside the body which is integrated into the flash unit's electronics (hence the need for a connection between body and camera, in addition to the synchronization cable linking the flash unit to the shutter), measuring the light as it bounces off the film. The lens plays no active part. It just lets light come through to reach/expose the film.