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Which 800 asa film do you prefer in MF


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I've used a couple of 800asa films with my Hasselblad 6x6 gear in the past few years and find their grain to be (relatively) very fine.

But, I'm going to shoot a choir in a church soon and (subject to the light temp) plan to use mostly 800asa film so that I have at least some aperture and shutter speed flexibility using a tripod.

I'm considering both Kodak Portra 800 and Fuji NPZ 800 and wonder what others suggest especially those who shoot regularly in churches.

The light level (as I have been told) is a bit better than average for a church because most of the walls and floors are white marble. There will be limited natural light due to the time of day. I plan to take the appropriate colour "corection" filters as well.

They play to enlarge some shots to A1 or even A0 size from drum scans.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.