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Where to find a standard viewfinder for 203FE


For month I saw a 203FE at a "possible prize for me" but it is sold without viewfinder.


I understend that the prize is almost low because the old compatible viewfinder are impossible to find. I was looking on "B" but nothing for months !
Last year I bought a 202FA without viewfinder for low prize too. I modified a standart viewfinder and my old PM 45.
2 years ago I bought a 4x4DPS viewfinder for 100$ and then I never saw any other one for sale.
The 4x4 is the best tool to take fast and sharp images. I search another one and the I want to modify it to ad "periscopal" stuf to see the 202FA special screen and to add a flash holder for my D-40.
I think you have been offered a chrome and a black viewfinder.
When you do not react on items offered it will take a long time to get one.
These viewfinders are not very common.