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Where to buy CFV Digital Back


New Member

I am wondering if anybody know why I should NOT buy a CFV digital back in USA? I live in Norway and would have to pay almost 35% more for the same product.


Of course you get the same CFV back.

The difference lies in the support that you may need to get started.
A knowledgeable local dealer can give assistance on the spot if needed.
There is also help from forums and other users.
There is even an exclusive forum for registered users of digital equipment from Hasselblad.

In case of hardware problems you can return the back yourself to Sweden where it will be serviced.
A D tour to the American supplier is not necessary.
Have you considered import duty etc. ?

Which exclusive forum for registered users are you talking about . ? ? ?
Did I miss here anything .

Hi Jürgen,

i think he mentioned the Flexframe Group on Yahoo which is run by Nick

T. You have to apply to this group - there are very knowledgeable people there as they are here.

Greetings Andy

Hi again,

So if the difference only lies in the support that I may need to get started. Then I wonder if it's worth it? Or could I manage with some troubleshooting and help from forums?

In Norway I would have to pay $14,202.00 at the local dealer.
At Adorama in New York I would have to pay $9,995.00. And I would save $4,202.00

What do you guys think?

@ Andy,

Thanks, you mentioned the right forum.
This forum is only for registered users of digital Hasselblad equipment.
You need a code to have acces.
The code can be supplied by the dealer you bought the digital equipment from.

@ Christian,

Sooner or later you will need support with digital gear.
It is worth checking out what kind of support you can expect from the dealer you buy from.
This does not have the be a dealer around the corner it can be a dealer in another country.
Dealers that put a lot of time in training and have staff that knows what is going on can not offer prices that are offered by companies that just give you the box with you CFV and wish you luck.
The extra time and effort specialist dealers give needs to be paid for.
Up to you to decide what is best in your situation.

@ Jürgen,

I think you missed something.
Get yourself a code to gain acces to the Flexframe forum.
I am sure you will be surprised.
The Flexframe group is the one I've referenced in past and the source of much info further shared here ... like all the tutorial PDFs sent to some members of this forum.

I was unaware of an access code provided to any buyer of Hasselblad digital gear to participate in that Flexframe forum ... which appears to be professional photographers using Hassy digital gear ... so, I'm not sure what criteria is now employed for membership. Perhaps Nick can elaborate.
I am also not aware of some kind of code - unless the serial number of your DBack is meant. ;) You have to have an Yahoo ID, after that you have to subscribe to that group. Nick T sends you then a couple of questions which in turn you answer him and he decides to take you in or not.


Hi Christian,

I imported a new Contax camera about 5 years ago from the USA to the UK as there was a big price saving plus a 7 year guarantee. It all went well but I was hit with a large charge for UK taxes which pretty well nullified the savings plus it was a grey import. Happily it performed flawlessly and there were no problems.

I have also imported second hand gear from the USA and again got hit with duties.

I think I have decided that it is better to bite the bullet and pay the extra for a UK purchase.

Maybe the taxes problem would be the same in Norway.


The FlexFrame discussion group... I don't recall needing serial numbers or a code when I joined a few years ago. They do require that you currently use a Hasselblad/Imacon digital camera or back. It's a wonderful resource, and you do not need to subscribe to the group to browse.

Buying from US retailer... When I bought my Imacon back, the closest dealer was about a six-hour drive each way. Except for one question I asked him by phone, I have had no post-purchase interaction with him. If I were closer, it would have been nice to pop-in every so often and ask about such-and-such, but between Hasselblad support and the FlexFrame group, everything that came up was solved. If I were in Christian's position, I would take advantage of the savings... especially with Sweden "next door." When the exchange rate was the other way around, I made several purchases from Robert White, in the UK, and have never regretted it. Disclaimer: "Your mileage may vary."
use the extra $4.200 to pay for a holiday trip to new york and bring the back as personal luggage. (you'll need to open the box and carry it as you carry any other gadget)

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for good feedback!

I talked to the local dealer about buying the CFV in USA. He said one of the most important things he could offer was the support and follow-up. And that it was especially important to learn a good workflow when using this product.

The question is; Could I learn the same from you guys?

I've got a good friend living in USA, who travels back and forth, and would bring the CFV back to Norway for me. So taxes and transport is not an issue.

Buying from a US dealer doesn't preclude e-mail communication other than time zone changes delaying answers from time to time.

Forums are excellent sources of information, but not always completely reliable and can be confusing at times. A knowledgeable dealer often has direct lines of communication with manufacturer support and priority status for that support due to long term relationships with key people.

I have recommended my dealer Jim Arnosky at City Lights Digital to other CFV buyers in the past and the results have been good.
in my US set the battery adapter needed to use the back on a SWC
or ELM was NOT INCLUDED. (about 260 Eu as a ''sparepart'')
Lutz, that wasn't true when I bought my CFV here in the USA. No one I know that bought one here has not also received the entire kit including the "L" shaped battery bracket for use on the SWC.

If you bought new from an authorized Hasselblad re-seller and didn't get that bracket, then I think you got ripped off and should have contacted Hasselblad USA to correct the situation.

Again, deal with an authorized Hasselblad re-seller and take information published on internet forums with a grain of salt ... check with Hasselblad directly if in doubt.
For the record, the is no duty on digital cameras within the EU zone (obviously, this does not apply to the original poster, who is from Norway), so anyone importing digital cameras from the US should not pay duty. However, they may pay VAT, which is recoverable if you are registered.

I have imported, on separate occasions, Canon 5Ds and 20Ds without a problem. Remember too that if you intend buying extras, such as lenses, be sure to buy them at the same time. Otherwise, you will pay duty on them.

I am currently in the process of negotiating a deal on a H3D2 39Mp MS with my local dealer. The amount of money involved is far too much to be buying from a US dealer, in my opinion. If anything goes wrong, I want to be able to drive down the road to have it sorted! ;-)


I haven't been given a delivery date, as it happens.

"End of January...." was the indication.

Also, I am in dispute over the price, so if anyone cares to share their experiences off-line, I would be very interested.

Any reason for the delay?

No reason given by my dealer. He didn't even want to discuss price since there are none to buy yet. I suppose it just isn't ready to ship yet.

Better they get it right the first time. Perhaps it has to do with the Phocus software which is also delayed. But that's pure speculation on my part.