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Where do you have xpan processed and printed


New Member
My local camera store (which is a very large and fully stocked professional store) tells me they are incapable of printing from the 24 X 65mm format. Has this been a problem for this group or is it just my local?

It is a challenge. On the Hasselblad web-site there is a directory of places printing xpan negs-but it is not a long list. It does seem that a premium beyond that indicated by the larger size is charged for the services.

Good Luck
This is the Achillies heel of this camera as a commercial product. You would think that, made by the same company, the Frontier would have this option available.

My local lab uses a Konica minilab, and does mine for under $2 for a 4x whaever print. They also have a carrier for hand printing. They have three or four Xpan customers.

Bill Pearce
I use a Coolscan 8000 ED. One of the holders that is available ( for 120/220) has a mask of the XPan panoramic size. You can then print it yourself digitally ( I use a Epson 2200P) , or send it out after sizing it appropriately.
Well, processing isn't really an issue as long as the lab is informed not to automatically cut the film but either let it untouched or cut it by hand.

As for the prints, the most economical procedure - provided you have a scanner - is to combine two scans alongside (in landscape, or three in portrait orientation) in ONE file, have that file printed on a standard photo paper format and cut the pics apart.
Richard, this tells you that your store is not as good as you thought. It is quite simple really.

The simplest and least expensive way to have your panoramic films done are with a Fuji Frontier lab.

They simply cut a paper mask to fit in their 6x7 mask. They scan it like all other 120 films and you get digi files 6x7 with the black mask showing too. From these you can crop etc and print. I've had superb 11"x30" 200dpi prints done for framing. At a size of say 20% less they print from standard scans at 300dpi.

Super good shots are best taken to a pro lab for either a 4800dpi flatbed scan or drum scan depending on how much you are prepared to pay for a framed print.

If you want "normal" prints at time of processing, the Fuji Frontier can print 6"x6" which are very nice and at maximum quality like if you had a 6x6 Hassy neg printed to 6"x6" - they just trim off the mask bit with their paper trimmer.

So, to quote my Fuji Lab "it's just not an issue". I've had 20 rolls done since I bought my XPan II.