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when is that new lens 35-90?


When is that new lens suppose to ship?? anybody have a clue...i like it cause its not as big as that 50 to 110...

do you think the 50 to 110 will be less..popular...that thing is heavy...


no edit, hit the wrong button sorry!

my gym is 500€ per year.
this means 500€ multiplied by 30 years = 15.000€
this is the H3D II 39 set.
(my age is 35, in 30 years i am 65...who cares?)

i will stop my gym contract as soon as possible.

think about it.

I am sure Hasselblad Markerting never thought of this.
Another good reason to buy Hasselblad gear and improve your health as well. :z04_motzer: :z04_schlaumeier: :z04_motzer:
Hi Lemon,
I have been using the HC 50-110mm lens; it is overall a fine performer. Its main weakness, in my experience, is that it is quite prone to reflections when confronted with strong light sources such as oblique sun rays. I do like a lot that you do not have to change lenses while shooting. It is a big and rather heavy lens, but certainly not impossible to be used as standard lens.
I am wondering how well that lens will work with film.

any thoughts?

The 35-90mm is an HCD lens, dedicated for Hasselblad digital systems: H2F & CFxx, H3D and H3DII with an image circle to cover the 22mp, 39mp and 50mp sensors. It will not work with the HM16-32 film magazine.

Paul Claesson
Hasselblad USA
Because Hasselblad is so expensive i can't buy many thing at all, still using my 80 f2.8, and i just bought an extension tube, so i will not buy Macro lens soon, but i have to choose either 28 or 50-110 as my next lens, and now that new lens 35-90 will be out sooner or later i can't decide which next lens i should get.
everyone like the sharpness of the 100 by itself.....100 by far is the most sharpest lens i got in the bunch...i got the 80 , 100 2.2, 150 ....and now the 30-90

you loose a .5 opening on the new 35-90 ..but for studio work seems it wont matter that much....