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What magazines for the square format and BW film

I read Forum too. In Germany for Hasselblad users they have "Format". Not very dick, but... And B&W off course - I find it very nice.
... i think ir will be difficult in the future to find printed-publications for photography. You van have everything faster and easier over the internet.

But of course I like to have something "in my hands". It is just very unlikely from the cost-perspective that there wil be much choice in 3 years down the road.

German photo magazine have dropping sales numbers over the last 2 years by 40%. I guess til the end of this year it will be another 10%. At some point it is not profitable anymore to offer a print edition...
I'm a subscriber in Popularphotography&Imaging. Also, in Photo Technique. I also follow the OutDoor Photographer & Photographic, from the magazines stand. But I feel, MF photographers better to read more profesional magazines than the general magazines.
I can't find any hard copy publications which specially for medium formats in Asia. But I don't like the others, eg Popular or Outdoor. Now they have many materials on digital cameras, but for me (a die hard film camera user) it is simply not cup of tea.


PS - I still don't have any digital camera, even the mobile phone ones!!!
Have you tried "Black & White Photography" magazine? It is a UK publication and I think it's pretty good. They also print a special issue each year on larger formats.
I agree with Patricia. Black and White Photography is an excellent magazine. I have subscribed for almost a year now, and each issue is interesting. They frequently have articles about photographers in the early years of last century, who used large and medium formats, and useful tips on printing b&w photos. Best wishes Brian Parker (UK)
Have any of my fellow Forum readers already received issue 3/2004? I ask because i haven't yet.
I wonder if they'll manage to get us 4 issues this year.
No!! I talked to their subscription dept earlier this year. They say that they are always late and after the print in Sweeden it is shipped via ship to USA in a crate and then distributed, so my guess is may be Dec/Jan for 3/2004 issue. Sorry, I wish for the price they ask they could be a little faster.
Qnu, you inquired @ has anyone received Forum issue 3/2004... I just got mine yesterday. I am in USA, may be Europe, they already received theirs. Did you get yours.

I did, i got 3/2004 a few days after i asked.

I asked Hasselblad then too, and lo and behold... ;-)
I inquired about the possibility of us seeing a no. 4 in 2004 too.
They said: "We are planning to release FORUM no. 4 before the end of 2004.
Logistics may make it reach some markets in January 2005."

Yes, blame logistics... ;-)

I remember once when they published an article in anticipation of the arrival of Halley's comet, full of good info about how to get good pictures of it.
Of course, the issue arrived well after Halley's comet was gone, not to return in most of our lifetimes.

They then blamed logistics too (rather criptically too: they remarked how modern transport made the world a much smaller place... I know, i too don't understand how this would explain why delivery takes extremely long.)
I can be in Sweden from here in a couple of hours. It took the magazine about half a year to cover the same distance in the opposite direction.

Ah well... We'll see whether number 4/2004 manages to reach us before the second quarter of 2005.